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By Terri Mitchell

Protect and enjoy your outdoor living space with a pergola

If you want to extend the enjoyment of your outdoor living spaces, consider installing a pergola. A pergola is basically an overhead structure, with a roof or without, that serves as a decorative and useful backyard feature. These are simple and inexpensive constructs that can create an outdoor living space that you can enjoy during all types of weather.

Furthermore, you can adorn and customize your pergola to suit the climate, time of year, and your personal tastes with little effort and expense. Here are some other perks of pergolas:

Inexpensive to install. Pergolas are a cost-effective alternative to a backyard building, such as a gazebo. The open rafters and corner beams comprise an easy-to-build feature that you can erect rather quickly, and use by the weekend! Consider buying a prefabricated pergola from a home and garden retailer, which merely requires positioning and grounding on your property to be sturdy and secure. Try building your pergola against an exterior wall of your home to make the job easier and to bring a permanent quality to your pergola that may enhance the value of your overall property.

Very versatile. Another advantage of opting for a pergola is the versatility of these structures. For instance, you may use tarps or awnings to protect the space under the pergola, or leave it open and let the sun shine through. There are numerous unconventional styles that implement lengths of fabric, bamboo slats, and even natural plants and foliage to create a whimsical, wondrous effect that you will want in your own backyard.

Attractive to the eye. A pergola brings a polished, finished look to any property. Whether you opt to build one against the home, such as an extended porch or patio, or choose a free-standing structure, pergolas bring an interesting and aesthetically pleasing component to the landscaping. Talk with contractors about unique styles and options for a custom pergola, or consider building your own with recycled wood and scrap materials.

Fun to decorate. Let your imagination run wild when it comes to adornments and decorating ideas for your pergola. It can be the ideal setting for a meditation area, home workspace or outdoor dining room; use plants, furniture and art to create the extra room and outdoor living area that you have always wanted. These are also fun features to use for holiday displays and outdoor décor, as the pergola offers some protection from the elements while highlighting your decorations.

Enjoy the many benefits that a pergola can bring to your outdoor spaces and home exteriors. Talk with home and garden retailers and contractors about constructing the perfect pergola to enhance your home’s curb appeal and your family’s lifestyle. Enjoy highlighting this feature year-round, from planting climbing vines nearby during spring to hanging Christmas lights on your pergola this winter! You will find that the nominal expense of adding a pergola to your property will more than pay for itself in increased enjoyment of your property and an overall improved appearance that neighbors and guests will notice!

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