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By Thea Theresa English

Proper ways to care for baby clothing

Babies outgrow their clothing quickly, but another reason why baby clothing does not always last long is because of improper care. Your baby also has sensitive skin, and when clothes are not cared for the right way, this could cause skin irritation. When washing your baby's clothes you should use perfume-free detergent, because the use of perfumes and other additives could irritate the baby's skin. When you buy baby clothes, it is a good idea to wash them before putting them on the baby for the first time. This is because some clothing manufacturers use certain chemicals to make the outfits look crisp.

Pre-treat tough and visible stains before washing

One mistake I made when caring for my daughter's clothing was to not pre-treat her items before putting them in the washer. As a result, her clothes would still be heavily stained, even after I washed them with detergent. I now use a perfume-free stain remover on her clothes and it made washing them much easier.

Pay close attention to labels on clothing

This ensures that your clothing is cared for properly. For example, if your baby's onesies need to be washed in cool water and air dried, then you will need to care for the onesies in this manner. Or, if your toddler's peacoat should be taken to the dry cleaners, then use this as the only method of cleaning it.

Separate colors of baby clothing

Just like the adults' clothing, you should separate the baby's clothing into colored and white piles before you wash them. By doing this, you ensure that your baby's clothing does not fade or bleed with other colors of clothes. This might take more time with your laundry routine, but the extra effort is worth it.

Utilize your sewing skills

Caring for your baby's clothes is more than just washing them properly. It is also about making them last longer. If a few buttons, pieces of yarn or zippers come off items of clothing, do not throw them away. Instead, utilize your sewing skills and sew the missing pieces back on. This saves you money on new outfits.

Organize your baby's clothing according to type

When you organize your baby's clothing according to type, it makes it easier to find certain items and you keep the clothes in good condition overall. Place his hats and mittens in one drawer, and in another drawer, you can put his T-shirts and jeans. His dressy outfits can be hanged in his closet. In another drawer, you can place his socks.

Have the baby wear his bib during meals

It is a fact that babies will stain their clothes easily and frequently, but you can reduce this frequency by having him wear a medium sized bibs when he eats. This would especially be helpful when he eats foods containing tomato sauce, chocolate, orange flavoring or food that is somewhat greasy, such as fried chicken pieces.

With these steps your baby's clothing will last longer and you save money in the long run.

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