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How changes in theaters are affecting moviegoers

Movie theaters are a haven meant to offer comfort during a film – a quiet, dark space that takes the viewer away into the world beyond the screen. Unfortunately, with the advent of streaming TV and other services that can bring the theater experience to one's home, attendance has been steadily dropping. Many theaters are beginning to instill new and more enticing methods to keep people coming back.

There are a great number of benefits to be had in the new and innovative ways that theaters have devised to bring viewers back. Exciting and engaging movies will not be enough to bring the average viewer in any longer as Netflix, Streaming TV, and On Demand services can offer new movies much quicker than ever before, meaning that after only weeks, a month or two at most, films will be leaving the big screen to become available in people's homes. This begs the question as to what luxuries theaters can hope to provide that will be enticing enough to endure the price of a ticket.

The benefits that are offered can be seen in many different theaters, such as Regal Cinemas and the always popular Cinetopia. While Cinetopia offers a distinct and lasting experience, Regal Cinemas is continuing to up its game, as seats are being made to be more comfortable. To date, Regal's comforts cannot quite match up to the opulence of Cinetopia, but the increasing luxuries are at least making certain that people will want to come back.

Smaller theaters often rely upon lower prices and the loyalty of their communities. Such establishments cannot always provide the required luxuries and instead draw their viewers in with special prices for limited showings, discounts that are offered on a limited basis, and special screenings of hit films are a very big draw for eager fans. Such theaters also tend to bring back older films for special screenings to appease fans of older cinema.

The downside, of course, is that someone has to pay for all of these luxuries. Having a comfy recliner to sit in, being served gourmet meals and drinks during the movie and even being able to rent out entire theaters for special events is a very enticing draw for any moviegoer. The cost of tickets, however, and any other luxuries, become the only impediment for those who wish to watch a movie in comfort.

It's hard to tell whether the upsides are balanced or eclipsed by the downsides, as there are many people who are capable and willing to pay the added cost to enjoy the luxury of such an experience. For some people, going to the movies is a treat, a reward of sorts that more than justifies the cost. Movie theaters are making great attempts to win back the great number of viewers that have been taken by the many services that can bring top level entertainment into people's homes. To do this, they are bringing the comforts of home to the people while offering services that, while expensive, are often considered worthwhile to the consumer.

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