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By Thea Theresa English

Proper way to dress business casual

These days more companies are allowing their employees to wear business casual attire but what constitutes this look and how should you pull off this style? Women can go business casual by wearing dark-colored jeans and heels with a dressy blouse and a blazer with studs or small hoop earrings. Men can sport a polo shirt with a blazer and loafers or other dress shoes with a stylish watch.

Outfit should be clean and wrinkle-free

Business casual does not mean you can wear your outfit any kind of way. You want your clothing to be neatly ironed and clean at all times. Your clothing should also fit your body appropriately. If you are wearing a pencil skirt, it must not fit so tightly that you draw negative attention to yourself. Your shoes should not have gum stains, dirt or scuff marks on them.

Cardigans are your friends

For women who dress business casual, you may not always feel like wearing a blazer or business jacket. You should buy a few cardigans in conservative colors to wear over your dress or shirt at work. If you are wearing a white long sleeve blouse with a pair of teal pants, a floral green cardigan adds flair to the outfit.

Accessorize your outfit

Another great way to make a business casual outfit look fabulous is with accessories. Those wearing turtlenecks can wear a scarf around their necks to make the turtleneck pop. Earrings, necklaces and rings are also nice supplements to business casual attire. A high quality handbag can be worn with the outfit. Belts add extra flair, too.

Dressing business casual in summer months

During the warm months, light or neutral toned pants or dress shirts look fabulous on you. Stock up on medium length to long skirts and dresses since they are comfortable to wear in hot temperatures. Avoid mini skirts because they are inappropriate for the office. Solid-colored sheer blouses with a camisole underneath would also work at the office. Dressy wedge shoes go well with business casual wear in the summer.

Button down shirts are great to wear

If you are looking for business casual wear that is simple to put on if your morning is hectic, wear a button-down shirt. You can iron a few of them a few days ahead of time so that you will not have to iron the shirts every morning. Button down shirts are also inexpensive since most stores carry sales on them.

Don't dress too trendy or outdated

The key is to find the right balance between what is in style and what is appropriate for work in a business casual setting. Skinny jeans might be in style but for a work setting you should not wear hot pink ones with rhinestones on the back. By the same token, avoid outfits that make you look outdated. Read about fashion trends that are no longer in style and stay away from them.

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