Keeping your family together in stressful times


Most people find that during chaotic or stressful times in their lives that their family drifts apart. This does not have to happen to you, and can be rectified if you're willing to put in the effort. Remember changes won't happen overnight, and may take more time than you originally expected. However, family is the foundation that helps build you up as a person and are worth the time and the effort.

There are any events in your life that cause chaos. It may be a death of a loved one, adultery, job loss, divorce and so much more. Each situation is different and will call for a different approach. However, your approach you must remember that first and foremost communication is key. Always maintain open and honest verbal communication. You may feel that that some things are better left unsaid or hidden, but the other people in your life with respect and appreciate your honesty more than the lies.

As mentioned, there are many things that cause chaos in your marriage or relationship, and the No. 1 reason is children. Children, as amazing and adorable as they are, are demanding and time-consuming. The majority of parents make the mistake of putting their marriage on the back burner and put their kids as their most important and first priority. This simple action can drive a wedge in your marriage. Yes, kids are important and that's not to say that you shouldn't focus on them and give them everything they need, it means that having a strong connection with your significant other will actually benefit your child throughout their lives.

The first step to ensuring that your relationship is well connected even with children is making sure that the relationship comes first. You must make time for each other no matter how hectic yours, your significant other's or your children's schedules are. A common misconception is that if you don't spend the whole day with your significant other, you didn't spend enough time with them. That could not be farther from the truth. Even if you only get a few hours a night it can still have a positive effect on your relationship.

Just as verbal communication is important, emotion and physical communication is as well. During the day you need to remind your partner the you are there for them and love them. A simple embrace or a kiss can melt away the daily stresses. Always remember no matter how busy you are to show how much you care.

Intimacy is also a major factor in staying connected. Throughout chaotic moments intimacy gets put on the back burner or becomes a day in day out routine and makes people become complacent. Sex is not a wham-bam thank you moment. It is a moment for two people who love each other to show compassion and caress. Spice things up and you will see a major difference. Whether the change is the location, the random spur of the moment times or anything else you can think of, you will notice a change.

All in all there are a lot of components to staying connected when life throws you lemons. Take the time and effort and there is nothing you can't withstand. You must keep your head high and focus on the happy people and moments in your life and stay connected!


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