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By Sylvia Fowler

Personal branding is more important than ever

Personal branding is not a new concept, as it is an idea from 1997. However, the notion did not catch on quickly. In 2005, Fast Company Magazine, the magazine which provided the introduction to the idea, began to raise the questions whether personal branding was even a thing. At that time, the conditions, which require this type of labeling, had not even taken shape. Individuals felt secure in their jobs, and most still worked in offices alongside their co-workers. It is through advances in technology and changes in the global market that private labeling has managed to stay alive. Although some say, the branding spin is over, the notion is now and a prediction for the future, more important than ever. (Arruda, 2017)

Many do not see the importance of branding and view it as merely a career tactic; those individuals likely just do not understand what it is. Everyone, irrespective of age, job title, business or profession needs to have a clear understanding of what the concept is and why it is so important.

What is personal branding?

Personal Branding is the process individuals use to distinguish themselves by pinpointing their particular value and then presenting it, consistently, across all media platforms to achieve a purpose. Through this, professionals can increase their recognition as experts, establish their credibility, and develop their careers. (Schawbel)

According to some early descriptions, the theory's purpose was as an important career development strategy. A successful branding campaign requires consistent and responsible management. It needs to create a powerful and precise correlation between the individual and the benefit they offer.

People should treat their imprint as a valuable asset and view it as a trademark recognizing that its development requires protecting while continually producing it. Developing a personal brand is necessary for career growth and leadership advancement. (Llopis, 2013)

Why is personal branding important?

Private labeling is significant because of the changes to the world of work. Increased advancements in technology, specifically the internet, allow workers to telecommute. Virtual workers must find better ways to display their value. Personal branding helps virtual workers to become more visible. (Arruda, 2017)

Another change to the realm of work is that companies are reducing their involvement in career management. Individuals must manage their careers within the organization by identifying their next role and connecting with the right people to make it happen. For those who want to be in charge of their careers and know how to develop their brand, this is a welcome change.

In the future, there will be numerous variations in the employment timeline. Schedules will include irregular, intermittent periods of work, being a contractor, and being an entrepreneur. Everyone must get up to speed with this career approach. It is essential for jobs of the future. Individuals must assume accountability in their decisions to define, live and manage their branding. Persons must build and maintain their brands just as any company must do. There is no one right way to do it and no one successful path to take. Career paths are changing forever so make sure personal branding gives and leaves a good impression.

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