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Peanut butter hacks you should know

Isn't it nice to know about different uses for everyday items? Most any household item you have can have multiple uses, many of which you may be unaware of. These multiple uses can be referred to as "hacks." A hack, in laymen's terms, is simply a use for something it is not normally used for. With that information in mind, here are eleven different hacks for peanut butter, of all things.

Remove gum from hair

Many parents have run into this problem at least once in their child's life and just ended up cutting out the section of hair that contained the gum. Next time it happens, rub some peanut butter in the area for a few minutes, then pull at the gum to see if it will come out. If not, just add a little more peanut butter and keep working it through until the gum comes out. This method can also work for gum stuck to hard surfaces like the undersides of desks and tables.

Give medication to kids or pets*

No parent with children or pets enjoys the task of giving their child or pet medication. So let peanut butter take the daunting task and make it a whole lot easier. Peanut butter is good for pets and kids normally love it. So when you need to give them their next dose, stick the pill in a teaspoon of peanut butter instead of trying to shove it down their throats. The pets will love it and think it's a treat; abracadabra, pill swallowed!
* Do not administer peanut butter to any animal or human that has a peanut allergy.

Make a bird feeder

A little-known fact is that birdies love peanut butter! At some point in life, while in school or a club, most people have learned how to make a bird feeder out of a pine cone; the big ones always worked the best. The same effect can be accomplished by using a plastic cookie cutter. Just coat the outside and the inside with peanut butter and dip it into a bowl of bird seed or dump some bird seed on it. Then string it up wherever you see fit and watch the birds enjoy their treat.

Breath freshener

Yes, believe it or not, peanut butter can be used as a breath freshener. After a meal with onions or garlic – or both – eating a spoonful of peanut butter will temporarily freshen your breath. Who needs after-dinner mints when you have peanut butter?

Treat squeaky hinges

Darn it, the screen door is squeaking again, and you have no WD-40 to spray on it. Have no fear – simply grab the peanut butter out of the cupboard and work it into the annoying hinge to remove the squeak. Remember to wipe off any excess. Using creamy peanut butter works best, so leave the nutty for something else.

Remove stickers or price stickers

So Grandma or Aunt Millie bought the little ones a book of stickers for Christmas, didn't they? And now those stickers adorn your glass top table or hard plastic surfaces, right? Again, have no fear: Rub peanut butter onto the adorable piece of art that your child made, leave it to sit for a few minutes, wipe down the glass with a damp sponge, and they'll have a clean surface for their next piece of art. This works great on price tag stickers that have adhered themselves to your furniture, too.

Fixing wood scratches

Any small surface scratch that is on your wood furniture or wood floor can be fixed with peanut butter. Rub some peanut butter into the scratch and allow the oils to penetrate into the scratch. Leave on for several minutes, then buff it off with a dry, soft cloth.

Bug on the windshield

This hack is exciting for anyone who owns an automobile. Hundreds of bugs seem to find themselves smashed onto the windshield, headlights and grill of a vehicle. Peanut butter to the rescue! Simply work some peanut butter into the area where all the buggers are with a soft cloth like a washcloth or dish towel, then take a ride to the car wash. Bye bye, buggers!

Gum on shoe

It's part of the vicious cycle of walking around with shoes on. Another little-known fact is that a bit of peanut butter would have helped. You just cover the gum on the shoe spot with peanut butter, wait 10 minutes, then use a wire brush or butter knife to remove the gum.

Superglue on fingers

Superglue, is not the easiest thing to remove from your fingers, now is it? Should you find yourself with superglue on your fingers or hands, simply rub some peanut butter on your hands, rub your hands together, and it will remove the superglue on your fingers.

Mouse bait

Have some little unwanted critters running around in your house? Time to break out the mousetraps and put a little dollop of peanut butter on them to catch the mice, a proven method that has worked for many, many years! Much more humane and less risky than using a poisonous chemical like DeCon or rat poison in your house.

Imagine the possibilities in recycling your everyday, household items in other ways. Peanut butter is just a start. There are so many good ideas out there to get your money's worth from any item.

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