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By John Heinz

Manage Your Payments with ezINVOICE by PIN Secure Pay

Changing the way business is conducted

ezINVOICE will allow your business to manage invoices, quotes, business expenses, contacts and more are all from one convenient location, available anywhere you access the internet or from the convenience of the ezINVOICE app on your mobile device or tablet. ezINVOICE is the perfect way for your business to record daily transactions, and it does so much more than that.

With PIN Secure Pay's ezINVOICE:

  • Create, modify and export your quotes and invoices with ease.

  • Receive exceptional support for managing your expense accounts as well as a simplified procedure for processing your income tax returns.

  • Use the customer and supplier management module to develop your business further than ever before.

  • Enhance your cash flow management with an accessible and responsive online control panel.

  • Safely and securely access all of your information from wherever you are, conveniently from your smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

With PIN Secure Pay's ezINVOICE system you will be able to spend less time struggling to manage your business and more time growing it.

Simple and secure mobile POS terminal

PIN Secure Pay's mobile point of sale hardware device allows for safe and convenient payment processing for times when a customer would prefer to pay with a physical credit card they have on hand. With mPOS, you receive the same benefits as the ezINVOICE online platform or app but with the convenience of capturing payments using your customer's preferred method.

  • With mPOS, all financial records – both for the benefit of your record keeping as well as for your customers – are automatically captured and directed where you need them to go.

  • Your customer is able to walk away from the transaction with a digital invoice of their purchase sent directly to their mobile device or email account.

  • You receive an accurate and up-to-date record of the transaction.

PIN Secure Pay's mPOS terminal allows you to securely capture payments whenever your customer is ready. With mPOS and ezINVOICE, capturing and recording payments are easier than ever before!

Accurate invoices, easy payment capture

With ezINVOICE, you will gain the ability to quickly and accurately generate electronic invoices for your suppliers, customers and anyone else who would benefit from a record of your business operations. The ezINVOICE platform is also optimized to accurately and securely process payments. No longer will you need a separate point of sale and record keeping software; with ezINVOICE, all your financial record keeping is housed in one convenient place.

Instant 24/7 notification

PIN Secure Pay's ezINVOICE platform allows you to manage your business no matter where you are. As long as you can access your email service provider or mobile device, ezINVOICE will keep you up to date.

  • With ezINVOICE, you will always be connected to the ongoing growth and needs of your business.

  • SMS and email notifications allow you to stay in the loop 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • ezINVOICE contains multiple options for capturing and recording the financial records of your business.

  • No matter what your specific needs, there is an ezINVOICE solution for capturing as much or as little data as you require.

ezINVOICE: The perfect all-in-one payment system

PIN Secure Pay's ezINVOICE system is designed to meet a wide range of applications across the landscape of international business. ezINVOICE is an appropriate addition for any business seeking to gain greater control over its record keeping.

With PIN Secure Pay's ezINVOICE platform, managing your business will be easier than ever before.

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