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By Vermel Thomas

Our energy source from the largest object in the solar system

When you walk outdoors on a bright sunny day, are you thinking about how the sun is critical to renewable energy systems, or are you trying to acquire a beautiful sun tan? Renewable energy powered by the sun is amazing! It helps to power wind and solar products, which will last many lifetimes. Presently, many countries are relying on oil, coal and gas for much of its energy sources. These sources are considered fossil fuel, which means that they will eventually decrease in volume.

Solar energy

The sun, both directly and indirectly, provides power for solar energy that is used in creating electricity, heating buildings, providing lighting and for a number of residential and industrial uses. [1]

Wind partnership energy

Turbine powered energy is created by the sun's heat creating winds. In partnership, the wind and the sun create energy that is captured with turbine systems. There are many wind turbine farms which are producing mass electricity for commercial and industrial use.

Biomass fuel energy

We already know that the combination of water and sunlight causes plants to grow. Biomass is the organic element that makes up plants. Biomass fuel is a continual source of energy and is used to generate electricity. Biomass fuel is derived from animal manure, lumber, dead plants in the forest, mulch, crops, sewage and certain other natural waste residue.

Hydropower energy

Hydrogen is another element that is found in many organic sources, including water. Hydrogen is the most abundant element on Earth. Hydrogen is a combination of sun energy, oxygen and other natural elements. Hydrogen can be converted to fuel or into electricity. Hydrogen is always prevalent and will never run out. Dams were built for the creation of hydro power. Hydropower is the largest producer of this world's alternative energy and will last forever.

Geothermal energy

The United States produces more geothermal electricity than other countries. This is somewhat scary because geothermal energy is formed by volcanoes and earthquake as an underground energy source. Geothermal is also an everlasting source of energy. It is forever renewable because the earth will always produce heat by sun. It is cost effective for residential and commercial use. It does not create dangerous air pollution and it is found around the globe. Geothermal power stations or plants have been erected around the world.

The U.S. Geological Society estimates that around 500,000 megawatts of geo energy resource is located in the western U.S. The Philippines has the largest power plants, Indonesia has two, Italy and Mexico each have one.


The sun is the closest star to Earth, its gravitational pull holds the planet in orbit. Without the sun, life on Earth could not exist. The energy from the sun also allows developing nations to keep clean drinking water. By filling a plastic container like a soda bottle with water and keeping it in sunlight for several hours, it kills viruses, bacteria and harmful protozoa in the water. The sun provides free and clean energy in great abundance. It gives us more energy than we could ever use in our lifetime. [2]

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