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By Katie Hernan

Cruising – for the old or the young?

"Cruising, I am not old!"

This is the thought some may have had, but what some may have always labeled as the old person's retirement or senior getaway has found itself modernizing and becoming a young person's game. With smart ships such as the Royal Caribbean innovating the world, and bars that can mix drinks with robot arms, the cruising days have long said goodbye to the old and welcome to the young.

That may not have the attention of some, who believe purchasing a ticket and hopping on a plane for six hours seems like the general idea of fun, heading for their latest destination. Cruising may cost a pretty penny, but it also brings you much closer to more than just one location, with room and board aboard a moving vessel.


The selection of destinations aboard a cruise ship is expanding every day. With ships now having added Cuba to their long itinerary list. With everything from Alaska to the Panama Canal, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and even Canada, the world is just one port call away.

Now, when not sure where to go, what places to see, do not worry. Begin with a list of locations you have already visited. If it is a seven-day Caribbean cruise, and one or two of those places listed are where you have been, it is nothing to worry about, just choose another. There is another seven-day Caribbean cruise with places you have never visited before.

Choosing a ship

Research is essential. However, when it comes to research on which ship you should take for a cruise, another list is helpful. Not only is the where important, but what also matters is what one ship has that another does not. Such as, what if that Royal Caribbean has bumper cars, and the second ship does not offer bumper cars; that is where a list may be needed. It is wise to check which ship suits you best.


While destination is important, what also falls in the category of importance are the amenities offered on a ship. You did not go on a cruise to sit in your room and read a book or watch television. No. While on your voyage to your chosen destination, time can seem to lag, which is why amenities are of importance.

Cruises offer everything: some have acclaimed Broadway shows, some have ice skating, and others have poolside activities, depending on the weather. Not all cruises say "Come, eat food and think of nothing more." Regarding nightlife, not to worry, there are clubs aboard the ship where you may dance the night away. Not to mention the spa for daytime massages and the gym, should you not want to break out of a workout regimen.

Whether young or old, it does not matter. Cruising has become a come-one-and-all experience.

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