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By Joshua B. Vliet

New technology and outsourcing essentials for small to medium sized business

Success, yes? Ensuring the success of any company in 2016 is all about keeping up with technology and making the most out of new tools as soon as they become available. In many ways, the competitive atmosphere of today’s tech oriented world revolves around one simple thing: efficiency. It’s as simple as how the invention of the wheelbarrow once made transporting bulk weight more efficient. If today’s businesses were around back then, you can guarantee that the business making good use of that technology before it’s competitors was destined to be much more successful. They exerted far less energy and time on otherwise arduous tasks because they successfully integrated the use of a new technology.

These days, new technologies are less about decreasing the amount of physical energy one must exert to perform a task and more about decreasing the amount of time it takes to execute complex, detail oriented tasks. Let’s take a look at some new technologies offered in 2016 that will surely lend an upper hand to small/medium sized businesses.

Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud

Non-core services are necessary to the infrastructure of any growing, small to medium sized business. Non-core services are aspects of a business not absolutely essential to the firm in terms of fulfilling its ‘value proposition’ to its client base. Things like installation, operation and maintenance of systems (among many others) can all be outsourced to third parties.

Having access to the cloud can eliminate overhead costs and free up the budget for other things. Resources like Azure and Google Cloud give a business the opportunity to integrate their business to template oriented software and infrastructure services, making important management tasks much easier to execute and operate. This will serve to establish a much more dynamic business that can adapt to the ever-changing tech landscape and continue to grow. Much higher level, complex tasks can be managed vicariously through these platforms acting to enhance services across the board while decreasing the time and cost it takes to attain them.

Vendor Management Offices (VMOs)

With the modern day trend of start-ups, niche vendors of all sorts have popped up and are looking to establish connections with businesses looking to improve their efficiency and grow their client base. The vendor management workload, if you will, has thus become increasingly difficult to keep a firm grasp on. VMOs offer a sort of enterprise-like vantage point for handling the ever increasing collaborative atmosphere of today’s multi-vendor environment.

Mobility and mobile devices

Having access to management tools and outsourced technologies is possible with new mobile technologies like the Lumia 650. Microsoft essentially offers a mobile computing platform for business users. Devices like the Lumia 650 offer expansive mobile OS’s furthering access to cloud platforms on behalf of the certain compatibilities between providers.

These are just a few ideas any small or medium sized business owner should consider when looking for ways to improve efficiency and save both money and time. Being a business owner is about more than being a smart leader these days-it is about staying up to speed on all things technology related and intelligently integrating the complex tools society continually has to offer.

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