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By Nick Davis

Best healthy eating apps

Healthy eating yields a variety of positive results including clearer skin, weight loss, a strong heart and other organs and an uplift in your overall attitude. One way to keep track of your healthy eating habits is via your smartphone or tablet. A number of healthy eating apps are available and the apps even include the ability to keep track of your daily exercise routine. You can also access recipes and cooking tips on the apps as well as visually chart your weight loss and performance.


Substitutions is an app that warns you of food you need to avoid in order to stay healthy. The app also provides multiple lists of healthy foods, nutritional values of both foods and drinks and the ability to create shopping lists. Substitutions is $0.99 and is available for the Apple iPhone and iPad (iOS 8 and 9). Substitutions and is also available from the Google Play store under the name Food Substitutions for $0.99.


Available for the Windows Phone, HealthyEats is a free app that uses your location to find restaurants and take-out eateries that provide healthy dishes. The app helps eliminate blowing your diet when you are eating out. HealthyEats doesn't include a food-tracking component though. The app also includes reviews of restaurants in your area.

True Food

True Food is a free app that contains a database of healthy foods that do not contain modified ingredients – also known as genetically modified foods. The app enables you to enter the name of a packaged food item and check to see if it is healthy or not. True Food also searches for grocery stores in your area that sell healthy foods. The app is available for Android devices and iPhone/iPad (iOS 8 and 9).


Available for Android devices and iPhone/iPad (iOS 8 and 9), Locavore is another app you can use to search for healthy foods in your area. The app uses your location to find farmers markets, grocery stores and even farm stores that sell fresh and healthy foods. The app is free and enables you to create an account for posting to social media your favorite grocery stores and markets. Locavore even displays what fruits and vegetables are in season and what is coming into season next.

Is That Gluten Free?

Is That Gluten Free? eliminates the guessing game when it comes to asking if a specific food comes gluten. Simply enter the name of the food and the app searches its database and immediately returns if the item comes gluten. The app also displays nutritional information for foods you search for and you can even search by food category if you are unsure of a food item's name. Is That Gluten Free? Is available for the Apple iPhone and iPad (iOS 8 and 9) and is $7.99.

Pocket Nutrition

Available for Android devices, Pocket Nutrition enables you to search for which foods contains specific vitamins and minerals. The app's comprehensive database displays if the food item you are searching for contains any of the 35 major vitamins, nutrients and minerals your body needs. Pocket Nutrition also lets you know if a food item lacks vitamins and is unhealthy for you. Pocket Nutrition is $1.99 and available from Google Play.

Green Kitchen

Green Kitchen is a healthy eating app that lets you plan and produce vegetarian meals without the hassle of worrying about what to eat. The app's recipes are clear, easy to follow and even include photos of completed meals. Green Kitchen is $4.99 and is available for iPhone and iPad (iOS 8 and 9).


Available for the Apple iPhone and iPad (iOS 8 and 9), SideChef is an interactive healthy eating app that tells you exactly how to prepare a meal. The app's computerized voice clearly states what ingredients you need for each recipe and each step you need to complete to finish a recipe. You can communicate with the app and tell it to repeat a step, skip forward or pause, if needed. SideChef even includes a built-in timer that lets you know when the dish you are making is done. SideChef is free and available directly from its website,

Healthy eating apps are an ideal way to keep track of your weight loss, eating habits and overall health. The apps range in price from free to less than $10 and are available for a variety of platforms including Windows Phone, Android and Apple iOS. Healthy eating apps are easy to use, include step-by-step instructions and even let you share information to social media networks. You can even install and use more than one app.

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