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By Thea Theresa English

Moms everywhere, you deserve a mom cave

These days I'm running behind my energetic soon-to-be one-year-old daughter and there are times when just getting some alone time for a shower is a challenge. Because of the living situation I'm in, I am not able to build a mom cave but I dream about it occasionally. For all the hardworking and caring moms who can create a mom cave, go for it! You deserve to have a relaxing room in the house just for yourself. Here are some ideas for decorating a mom cave.

Sentimental items

Motherhood is filled with amazing sentimental moments so why not use mementos as part of the mom cave's decor. Some neat sentimental items might include pictures of your children as infants, photos and videos from the baby shower, artwork your children gave you for Mother's Day or a book of prayers that give you a spiritual approach to mothering.

Bookcase filled with favorite books

For the mothers who are bibliophiles, it would be a good idea to have a bookcase filled with your favorite books. Reading relieves the stresses of the day and you are able to recharge as a mother while hanging out in the mom cave. You can spray paint the bookcase in a bold color if you prefer a more vivid design theme for the mom cave.

Incorporate a neat theme

Don't settle for an ordinary mom cave that has mostly neutral colors. Think about what interests you the most and use your interests as the springboard for a cool theme. If you love Parisian culture, you can look through French language interior design publications to get an idea of what Parisian decor looks like. Then visit different home decor stores and get items that are similar to what you saw in the magazines.

Stock with sophisticated snacks

Go beyond chips and packaged desserts when stocking your pantry in the mom cave. You can go for more sophisticated snacks such as goat cheese with garlic herb crackers, boxed chocolate truffles, apple butter with sweet potato fries, and fruits with caramelized spicy nuts. You can also stock your favorite wines.

Home office equipment

Because it is often hard to work on assignments or call clients in the living room or bedroom, you can place your home office equipment in the mom cave. Purchase a room divider so you can separate your office area from the rest area of the mom cave. Aside from your computer and printer, you can also include a landline phone, file cabinets and stationery.

CD player

Although you probably will listen to music on your phone, it's still useful to have a CD player in the mom cave. Bring your favorite CDs from your bedroom and store them in a CD storage unit. Music is relaxing and it keeps you calm during the bumpy roads of motherhood.

Mom caves are a trend these days, and for good reason. Mom caves are designed to let moms have some time to themselves and relieve stress so that they can be better in their parenting.

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