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By Thea Theresa English

Learn to distinguish between mature men and immature boys

A man can be in his 30s yet have the mindset of a kid. It is difficult to date a man who has not fully embraced adulthood because you end up pulling most of the weight in the relationship, and it is not fair. When going out with a guy, you should examine his maturity level and character before you decide to commit to him long term.

Real men are go-getters

Boys are just going to talk about the careers they are interested in but they often do not take action or they attempt goals in a halfhearted way. Mature men already know what their goals are, have planned how those will be achieved and then they put their hearts into those goals no matter how hard it gets. You want to date a man who has clear direction and who is active about it.

Boys often do not want grounded women

If you are the kind of woman who is grounded, intelligent and who has strong values, boys might be intimidated by this. This is because of their emotional immaturity. Boys tend to seek out women who are exciting, sexy and more willing to put up with their lack of respect and maturity. On the other hand, mature men seek out intelligent and grounded women who are emotionally whole.

Boys often want a second mom

When a man is still a boy emotionally, he will treat you like his second mom. He will expect you to help him financially, wash and fold his clothes, cook for him, clean his room and be a listening ear. However, don't expect him to come through for you when you need him. Mature men are self-sufficient and can complete tasks by themselves.

Real men will respect your boundaries

Since boys are generally selfish, they are not going to respect your boundaries. If you don't want them to call you while you're at work, they will ignore your requests. A selfish boy might also try all kinds of tactics to get you to sleep with him even after you made it clear that you are not interested in a sexual relationship. Mature men are going to respect your boundaries.

Mature men communicate well

Mature men know how to communicate effectively and they will not beat around the bush when it comes to serious issues. Boys are not the best communicators. They are going to make the conversation about them and they are not willing to see your point of view.

Boys have not put aside childish behaviors

Have you ever wondered why the guy you are dating won't end his excessive consumption of video games, social media networking or the partying lifestyle? The reason is because he has not grown up emotionally and as a result, he has mostly adolescent interests. Mature men put away the childishness and are pursuing excellence in all aspects of life.

You deserve to be with a real man who will treat you with respect and who will love you unconditionally.

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