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By Bryant Lloyd

Mentality is the beginning of change

Throughout history, thoughts have given ambition to the outnumbered, outclassed and out resourced. The power of thought has brought men and women from obscurity to the height of fame and fortune. Indeed, thoughts have power; it is the foundation for the behavioral patterns of every human being on earth. It is a fact that every architectural wonder, work of art and technological advancement are derived from a single idea. However, what too often goes unnoticed about thought is its power over various communities and its ability to steer our individual lives. Below we will explore how our mentalities can either entrap us or set us free:

What you think is what you live

The way we think changes the way we see and experience the world around us. This is because our minds actively seek out verification of our beliefs while ignoring evidence that contradicts it. This explains why when we are in an ‘agitated’ state of mind everything seems to do nothing but further upset us. That is our minds’ filtering information so that we only see or hear things that drive, or confirm that thought. First impressions are so important because once a person forms a thought about you, they are likely to find evidence in your behavior confirming those initial thoughts, despite how far from your actual character it may be.

Core beliefs and faith

Our mentality is ultimately decided by our core beliefs. Our core beliefs are the very essence of how we see ourselves, other people, and the world around us. Religion, for example, instills in many people multiple core beliefs. For these people, religion sets the standard on how to live on a day-to-day basis establishing anything outside of their beliefs to be wrong or even sometimes evil, despite the lack of scientific proof. Faith in their spirituality is all many need to confirm their beliefs, though some have even felt, heard or seen things related to their religious factions. I am not going to debate religion, only explore the power of the mind. The placebo effect is a great scientific example of the power of the mind. The placebo effect is a phenomenon in which a person is given a fake treatment, usually a sugar pill, for certain symptoms and the person condition improves simply because they have faith that the treatment will work. If our minds are powerful enough to cause changes to our body then what else can this power be utilized for?

Your mind and your environment

Core beliefs do not come from thin air, they were planted by our past. Our parents, schools, neighborhoods and several other external influences shape our minds and values so that they align with their own. That is why many people end up in similar predicaments as their parents, choosing a similar career path, living in a similar neighborhood, and earning around the same amount of income. If we take a step back from the household to look at the surrounding neighborhood you will find that many of the residences are very similar as well. Yet, there are still inspiring stories all over the world of people overcoming the odds and beating their circumstance to reach new levels.

Change starts with the mind

Change starts in the mind, and the power of the mind can seemingly alter reality. In the United States, there are communities that are defined by hardship, and their surroundings screaming poverty. Until the leaders and role models of these communities decide to take an active role in altering the mindset of these people, we will only have more of the same. As individuals if we do not take an active role in altering our own mindset, we will only continue to fall in line.

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