Look stylish in glasses


Thanks to the rise of designer eyeglasses, you do not have to look frumpy or boring when wearing glasses. The key is understanding your personal style and knowing which outfits and hairstyles best suit the glasses you wear. One thing you can do is maintain well-groomed eyebrows because this keeps the focus on the eyes and glasses overall.

Choose stylish glasses for your face shape

You want your glasses to complement your face shape and look stylish. If you have a heart-shaped face, rimless glasses are a great choice while those with square-shaped faces should sport oval glasses. Those with round faces can wear rectangular-shaped glasses. Eyeglasses rimmed with gold, silver and brass are also excellent to wear for a sophisticated look.

Improve the makeup

Another way to look great in glasses is to improve the makeup routine. Wear bold-colored lipstick and eye shadow if you are going out and in professional situations you can wear conservative colors such as a muted burgundy or other neutral tones. Apply concealer to the face to hide dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Tweeze the eyebrows so that they are not too thick and add some blush to the face.

Wear stylish clothing

If you want to look fabulous in glasses, you should get a new wardrobe. Look for outfits that complement your glasses. For example, if you have gold and red rimmed and thin glasses, buy some outfits with complementary colors such as gray, silver, black, white and brown. Buy ruffled shirts, empire waist dresses, skinny jeans and any other styles of outfits that draw attention away from the glasses.

Get a new hairstyle

Sometimes a better hairstyle works for looking fantastic while wearing glasses. If you have worn the same straight hairstyle for years, switch up and sport a curly style. Some good styles to wear with glasses include the messy bun, braided headband with curls at the top, microbraids, chignon bun on the side of the hair, pixie cut, shag look or the pompadour.

Take care of your glasses

If your glasses look dirty or faded along the rims, it takes away from the style. Clean your glasses with eyeglass cleaner and be careful not to scratch the glasses. Avoid harsh cleaners since this strips the color off the rims of the glasses. Clean glasses help you see better too.

Accessorize with jewelry

Wearing beautiful jewelry also helps when wearing glasses. If you are wearing a navy blue outfit with thin brown eyeglasses, gold or silver jewelry would complement the look well. Or if you are wearing a red dress and black eyeglasses, some silver or white jewelry might look nice with this combination.

Be confident in your look

When you wear inner confidence, it does more for your look than even the best outfits. When you go out, realize that you look beautiful with your glasses and soon others will see your inner and outer beauty. With these strategies, you will amaze those around you with your style. You will also inspire others who wish to look great in glasses.


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