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By Ashley

How to prevent dogs from rolling around in stinky stuff

You are walking by the lake, having a nice stroll with your favorite companion. Out of nowhere your dog starts rolling in some very unpleasant-smelling trash. She is having the time of her life while you stand there and wonder. What is she thinking? The truth is that although our pets are friendly and loving, they still have an ancestral connection to the wild. Learn how to prevent dogs from rolling in feces here.

The Stinky Backstory

Although we might not think that our fur baby as such, they are still a wild animal. In the wild wolves roll in dung and dead carcasses to disguise their scent from their prey. This helps them to be almost invisible when they are out hunting for their next meal. They want to be unseen, not only in sight, but also in smell. The last thing any wild animal on the hunt wants is for their prey to smell them and know they are near.

Many also believe that dogs roll around on certain smelly things to mark their territory. The way they rub against you to mark you with their scent? Might be a reason they are rolling around in unappealing smelly things outside. Wolves in the wild are said to leave their scents to mark their territory.

Canines have gone through evolution, just as humans have. While they have outgrown some habits, others have stuck and stayed with them throughout time. So when you think about it, rolling around in stinky things might just be second nature. Females are said to do this more often than male dogs. Males tend to do it more for fun than for any other particular reason.

Solution: learn how to prevent dogs from rolling in feces

This behavior is perfectly normal, but here are a couple of things to try to avoid this gross smelling habit: Next time they start rolling in yucky stuff try doing something that your dog does not enjoy. For example, if she hates loud noises you could try making a loud, annoying noise to get her to stop. Do this every time you notice her rolling in bad-smelling stuff. She will associate that activity with a loud, unpleasant sound. Keep her on a short leash so she doesn’t roll around in other dogs’ feces.

The next time your loving pet rolls around in something dirty, remember it is just part of who dogs are. Like people, dogs have undergone evolution and adapted to changing environments. However, they are still keen to instinct. Some things they just know they should do and although they may not be very friendly to our nose, it is just who they are.


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