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By Jenny John

How to look pretty and good without makeup

Many women believe that the makeup is the only way to look gorgeous. Not many people realize that natural beauty can be better than artificial dyes. It is only necessary to properly care for the face.

Water treatments in the morning and evening

If you want to look beautiful without makeup, you need to wash your face every day in the morning and before bedtime. This may seem obvious, but many women do not. Daily water treatment will protect the skin from acne and give it shine. In addition, wash with cold water in the morning: It is the best way to quickly deal with puffy eyes after sleeping. Water acts as a vasoconstrictor, reducing blood flow to the skin under the eyes.

Use gentle cleansers

Aggressive scrubs remove skin cells and dry remaining skin. It is better to entrust a gentle cleanser. Try to find a hypoallergenic cleanser for the skin, contains no harmful components and is suitable to your type. This is another necessary condition to look good without makeup.

Use moisturizer for the face

You must use the face cream immediately after washing to keep the skin young and healthy. Often, a moisturizer, if properly chosen, only adds to the unpleasant greasy skin. Therefore, the choice of cream should be handled with special care. It may be difficult to find a perfect tool, but a good cream is the key to beautiful skin.

Vaseline replaces mascara

It sounds strange, but still uses petroleum jelly as a mascara – it is a proven way to replace the home cosmetics. Apply a little Vaseline on the eyelashes to make them brighter. If you are not ready to completely abandon the cosmetics, the petroleum jelly will be a great help to remove make-up, because it is much softer.

Coconut oil will replace the lip balm

Coconut oil is also suitable as a means of removing makeup and even as a lip balm. Any cosmetics store product contains chemical components that are not going to benefit women's lips. When using balm or lipstick natural lip color with time it becomes dull or bluish. A small amount of coconut oil, substituting artificial makeup, keep your lips soft and seductive. In addition, coconut oil has a healing effect on wounds and cracks on the lips.

Accurate eyebrow correction

Of course, care must be taken for the eyebrows. However, do not pluck your eyebrows dramatically, changing their shape beyond recognition. Remove excess hair should be just above and below the eyebrows, without affecting its natural curve. Even if you have thick eyebrows, try to leave them without major changes. In any case, they will look better than the eyebrows painted on bare skin pencil.

Healthy eating

Proper nutrition plays a dominant role. First, eat fruits and vegetables. Particularly useful for skin are antioxidant-rich purple and blueberries and fruits such as plums, blueberries, blackberries and others. They help the skin to not only stay healthy, but also prolong your youth.

Rich in natural vitamin E for the skin are sunflower seeds. They can be eaten separately from other food and can be added to porridge and other dishes. Greens also contains a lot of vitamins and other nutrients. Spinach, parsley, and lettuce must be present on the table as a useful complement of dishes, but also in the form of juices and a variety of vitamin cocktails.

As you can see, looking beautiful without makeup is not so difficult.

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