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By The Quiet Voice

How friends can help you develop healthier eating habits

Eating healthy is harder than people think. With the abundance of fast food restaurants and convenience markets it is far easier to purchase something quick and tasty than it is to find something nutritious and far better for one's health. In the attempt to develop good eating habits, it is beneficial to have support from either friends or family.

There are many ways in which a friend can offer support when it comes to eating healthy. These methods are beneficial because they support the individual without seeming judgmental or in any way condescending.

When going out for a bite to eat, allow the dieting individual to pick the location. This allows them to feel a measure of control, since they will likely know what they can and can't have. Picking out a location without their consent would limit their options when trying to watch what they eat.

The next method involves emotional support, which can go a long way toward any healthy change, and can work especially well when learning to eat healthier snacks and meals. Trying to avoid bad habits and discover healthy alternatives is difficult in the initial stages. The simple act of telling the friend that they are doing a good job can be a very positive emotional boost.

There are many methods by which a friend can help develop better eating habits. Some are expensive, such as finding a cooking class to attend with a friend, while others are low maintenance and can be done from the comfort of home. Changing one's own habits to accommodate and thereby support a friend can allow them to realize that they are not alone in their struggle to improve their health.

Discovering new and innovative health tips is yet another boost to the process. Not only is this continued support, but it can be highly informative and helpful to both the dieter and the friend. Sharing ways to stay healthy is an excellent social exercise and can inspire even greater confidence.

Temptation to go off the diet is always present, especially during the beginning stages. In order to keep from slipping back into old habits, it is necessary to repeat the above steps again and again, and ensure that the supporters are not the ones who are tempting the individual. There is nothing to be gained by going backwards in such a situation.

The final step in supporting any individual in losing weight is support, more support, and even more support. This cannot be stressed enough; it is crucial to any individual seeking to better their life and their health. To be helpful to those seeking new methods of healthier eating, it is important to always be there, full of encouragement.

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