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By Thea Theresa English

Find new uses for your wedding dress

Many brides save their old wedding dresses for sentimental reasons but maybe you are interested in looking for creative uses for the dress. One way to repurpose your wedding dress is to create a christening outfit for your baby. You can find sewing tutorials for christening outfits online and in pattern books found at arts and crafts stores.

Turn the dress into a cocktail dress for your anniversary party

If your 10th wedding anniversary is coming up and you don't feel like buying a new cocktail dress, you can turn your old wedding dress into a sexy cocktail dress for the anniversary. Bring a pattern or photo of the kind of cocktail dress you want to a skilled seamstress so you can have the wedding dress altered. Also have the seamstress put beautiful accessories or bows on it for extra flair.

Dye your wedding dress in a new color

Sometimes a bold new color is what your old wedding dress needs. If it's springtime or summer you can dye the dress in colors turquoise, fuchsia, pastel colors, lime green or sky blue. If it's wintertime you can dye the dress in maroon, deep gold, burnt orange, black, cherry red, teal or navy blue.

Make a pillowcase out the wedding dress

For a romantic and sentimental touch to your bedroom decor, you can make a pillowcase out of your wedding dress. Look online for a tutorial on how to do this and then have fun with your project. Sew some gemstones or pearls in the middle or far edges of the newly made pillowcase. This would also make a great keepsake to pass on to adult children and grandchildren one day.

Use your wedding dress as a tablecloth for the dining room table

Another idea is to repurpose the old wedding gown as a beautiful tablecloth. This is especially a great idea if your wedding dress has a lot of lace and pearls on it. Once you put the tablecloth on the table, put a tall glass vase in the middle of the table and fill the glass with clear beads.

Take portions of the dress and paste them on scrapbook pages

If you are making a wedding scrapbook, then you can cut medium-size pieces of the dress and use them as decor for the scrapbook. On top of the cloth pieces paste small photos of you and your spouse from the wedding as this adds a personalized touch to the scrapbook.

Turn the dress into lingerie

Look through pattern books and pick out a lingerie outfit that you want your wedding dress to be turned into. Bring your wedding dress and photo of the outfit pattern to a seamstress and explain how you want the outfit to be made.

Your wedding dress can be repurposed in creative ways and instead of letting it stay hidden in the closet, use these ideas to create something long-lasting and beautiful. Your loved ones and friends will be impressed.

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