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By Hazel Janis

How feminists have ruined femininity

The barriers between imagination and evidence have officially been broken. It appears in our fast moving society with absolutely no available privacy we have utterly lost our trust and self-confidence. When it comes to dating, there are so many rules in which no rule at all would sound quite attractive to the poor unsuspecting victim awaiting acknowledgement on the other side of the phone…or screen…or just about anywhere but in person, it seems. What ever happened to face-to-face encounters and good old-fashioned trust? Real trust – not the sort that you achieve by searching the web for dirt prior to a first date or checking the phone and email of your life partner to reassure yourself that you will be safe loving them.

We can't even surprise one another anymore, because our every move can literally be tracked via GPS. Where in the world is the love of my life? BINGO! Let's zoom in to pinpoint if it's the grocery store or a brothel (if that's even a thing anymore). Let's be realistic in our ridiculous and unnecessary conquest and remember that porn is everywhere. That phone you use to track is the very thing you hope against at the push of a button. Joint social media accounts in order to appear more together. What is that even about? I'm of the opinion if nothing is wrong then there should be no need for such excess.

As women, we have driven ourselves mad with our imaginations, then gotten lost perusing every possible source until finding the proof we need to be right. In our quest to rule everything, we have completely lost control. Sadly, I fear, it is control we never even really wanted to begin with. Do women who want to be women still exist? If we don't let men wear the pants, then WE have to wear the pants; and frankly, I look better in heels.

Am I the last to join the man-hating feminist glorifying group of women that want man buns and crocheted fancy pants? Silky-smooth skin fully prepared to never see a drop of "bad-for-your-skin" sunshine; You'll never take me alive! Bring me sweat and beards that need to be trimmed; hard work and accountability. Bring back the men you have all but killed off. Where is PETA when we need them most? Forget the elephant, save the barbarian!

How can we expect our young boys to leave our homes full of video games and nurture when we leave them absent of example by insisting on having it all our way or the highway? Isn't it worth a little trust to allow men to teach our boys how to be gentlemen? Are we so worried that our little guys will be hurt or become misogynists that we don't even want real men around anymore? More and more we will find sadness in the truth that compared to our boa constrictor grasp suffocating every masculine quality, the highway is looking pretty good and becoming the road most travelled.

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