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Enhancing your cooking with wine

Wine is often used in cooking, and it has been for many years. Rest assured, the alcoholic content cooks off when you use wine, but the taste remains.One problem many have is knowing how to cook with it and which wine to use when. This is a complete list of how to cook with wine for dishes from around the world.

Many new chefs wonder if they should only cook with wine that they would drink. Many may say yes: If you do not like the taste of the wine alone, then you will not like the meal cooked with it. Others, though, would disagree. While you can taste some characteristics of the wine in cooked food, it is often blended with other flavors. In the end, it enhances the other flavors, only giving a slight hint of its original flavor.

Second, cooks wonder how to cook with wine. Restaurants around the world have many dishes cooked with wine, which is the main reason that people want to try their own hand at it. But they still have problems when it comes to the how. However, many recipes are available in cookbooks and on the web.

There are three general ways to cook with wine. First, it can be added to a marinade. Wine and other ingredients sit with the meat for a set period of time before cooking. This not only gives the food the flavor of the marinade, but also tenderizes the meat as it sets. The second way to cook with wine is to add it directly to the saucepan. As the wine reduces as it cooks with the meat and vegetables, the flavors become richer and fuller. This adds more depth and flavor to the dish. The final way to cook with wine is to add a finishing touch for the flavor of a finished plate. Regardless of how you use wine, remember to give it time to incorporate with the food; never add directly prior to serving.

The last and most-asked question about cooking with wine is which wine should be used with which dish. Many experts give their opinion on what food complements what wine. The only way to discern your own distinct flavor is to experiment.

There is also a standard rule in this area. First of all, when pairing the wine with the meal, always start with the meat you are using for the dish. Red wine should pair with dark and earthy meats such as beef and veal. On the contrast, white wine should pair with fish and chicken or white meat. Although this is a good rule to go by and it can help when choosing the right wine, there are some exceptions to this rule. One is for pasta or pizza. Some would rather have a dark, rich red wine while others prefer a light white wine. Either choice is good because in the end, it all comes down to one thing: preference. Explore with your cooking, and find what you like best.

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