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By kenneth moss

Healing Education

Becoming a healer does not require a degree or college diploma, but rather a learning of the art. Generally, a person must have certain comprehension before going on to become a healer. First, he must know himself.

While there are institutions offering training via distance training, they may cost hundreds of dollars. Since this is an ancient art, to get the best one should enroll in the apprenticeship of a guru or master. Best to learn one-on-one from those who have perfected the art.

Another way of becoming a healer is by training and teaching yourself. There is a lot of free and extensive information available on the internet. Through careful study, analysis, comprehension and training, one can master himself before extending that wisdom to heal other people.

However, if you are looking to be distinguished and make a career out of healing, it is only logical to get an internationally recognized certificate to put your patients at ease. Distance healing education involves mastering the following: energy healing and systems, the ethics of a healer, the premises of a healer, reiki and types of healing aids. The modules for a healing course change among different institutions.

Most of these institutions provide one-on-one teaching involving a group being taught by their teacher. The training period for these sessions is normally six months for the beginner and varies as the person progresses to earn higher certificates. Inasmuch as the healer is required to complete a course to become a healer, the healee also needs to have adequate information and knowledge before a session.

This is aimed at maximizing the benefits expected from the session. This normally involves:

  • Nutritional coaching. This allows the body to adapt slowly over time and complements drugs if any are being taken.
  • Spiritual coaching. This is done through dream interpretation and exploration, which helps the healer to pinpoint the psychosomatic source of imbalances.
  • One-on-one transformational coaching. The coach facilitates unbiased introspection by the healing. This can be done over a communication media (e.g., Skype).
  • Energetic healing. This is the final step, which involves the healer doing the actual energetic healing to the patient. This is done through the establishment of a spiritual connection.

The most recognized of all the distant healing techniques is the reiki. This is a technique of inducing relaxation and reducing stress through life force energy. It goes by the principles that if the life force energy is low, people will experience sickness and weakness. The technique originates from Japan. The advantage of this technique is that it can be used by everyone.

There are normally 400 classes over the course of a year. For one to become a teacher, one must complete a three-year training program and abide by the generally accepted code of conduct among healing practitioners. Always remember getting an education will help you be successful in life and meet your personal goals.

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