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By Bryant Lloyd

Content Marketing Is the X-Factor Your Brand Needs

Great content marketing strategies have propelled many new brands to success over the last decade. Even traditional organizations have begun to develop such strategies to keep their audience engaged. Content marketing is the process of delivering helpful and valuable content to your audience. It's free, useful information targeted directly at the people who can use it most. Effective content marketing not only engages audiences more than traditional marketing, it also builds the credibility and authority of your brand and inspires loyalty and trust with your consumers.

Content marketing versus traditional marketing

Content marketing is immensely engaging because good content is helpful. Whereas traditional marketing claims that your brand is the answer to people's most troubling problems, content marketing proves it. With content marketing, your brand can instantly provide value to your audience. This will encourage them to seek you out again and again to answer related issues, increasing your brands' value in their minds. While traditional marketing can be catchy, cool and fun, nothing can replace adding real value by solving real problems – which is exactly what a good content strategy should aim to do.

Build authority and credibility, get copied

As your content solves issues in the lives of your audience, you will attract more readers. This will inspire other brands to imitate, reference and share your content on their platforms. This is when your brand's authority in your industry begins to grow. Really good content gets copied. In fact, you could argue that your goal should be to get copied by other publications and marketers in your field. The more your brand pops up on related forums or sites, the more credibility you will have in the minds of your audience. So create content that others in your industry want to copy. In this field, it really is the sincerest form of flattery.

Content marketing inspires trust

Adding value to people on a regular basis that inspires trust. If a site gave you a dollar every time you visited them, you would be interested in what they were actually selling. Content marketing should work in a similar way. The content should be so helpful it makes readers wonder what else you have to offer. Not only will they be curious about what you offer, they will believe you. Content that is transparent also builds trust with readers. Honesty about your brands struggles, successes, trials and errors will resonate with those who have faced similar challenges. Gaining your audience's trust is key for conversion. Content marketing will not only build your audience but also gain their loyalty over time.

Content marketing can be immersive and engaging for audiences. Creating high-quality content will build up your brand's authority in the industry as other brands begin to copy your content. Finally, content marketing inspires trust within your audience, which is key for converting readers into buyers. A good content strategy could be the X-factor your brand needs to set itself apart from the competition. You will know you are doing it right when your competition starts referencing your content in their own marketing.

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