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By Thea Theresa English

Give your style an upgrade for under $50

Looking your best every day does not have to be expensive because there are numerous methods of styling yourself on a budget. With creativity, help from others and an understanding of your personal style, you can dress well for less than $50.

Supplement the clothes you have

Sometimes you do not have to run out and buy a brand new wardrobe because you can purchase a small handful of items that complement your current outfits. For example, if you have a few pairs of skinny and bootcut jeans, purchase a variety of inexpensive shirts to wear with the jeans. By doing this you save money on clothes and you can still look your best.

Check out thrift stores and outlet stores

Another way to look stylish under $50 is to visit thrift and outlet stores. These places often have a wide selection of items at decent prices but you want to inspect the clothing for defects before buying them. Thrift stores and outlet stores also have sales so you save even more money.

Don't follow every new fashion trend

While it is okay to get inspired by some of the latest fashion trends, you do not need to follow all of them in order to look fantastic. You can think about your own personal style and create an affordable wardrobe based on it. For example, if you are more conservative in the way you dress for work, you can buy functional pieces such as the pencil skirt, blazers, pearl jewelry, gold earrings and pairs of black or navy pants.

Utilize your sewing skills

If your sewing skills are decent or excellent, you can make your own stylish outfits. Fabric and sewing supplies can be purchased inexpensively and you will look just as good as those who bought their outfits. Sewing adds uniqueness to your overall style and it saves you money.

Focus on the classic pieces

When you are getting clothes on a budget, you can focus on the classic pieces. These include denim jeans, a little black dress, plain white dress shirts, neutral colored blazers, pumps and camisoles. When you have these you can create different outfits.

Shop at the end of the season

Most clothing stores have sales at the end of each season to make way for new inventory. You will find decent prices on a variety of items and if you buy in bulk, you will have enough clothes for the next season.

Buy inexpensive accessories

The best outfits should have the right accessories and there are several places where you can buy them inexpensively. Look for accessories that complement all of your outfits instead of just a few select ones. This keeps you from wasting money on accessories you may not need.

Thanks to the internet and other new ways of purchasing clothes, you do not have to break the budget in order to look and feel confident. All you need is some cash, an open mind and resourcefulness.

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