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By Terri Mitchell

Garden pond ideas to gussy up any property

A garden pond can enhance and improve the appearance of your yard, and it can create a relaxing spot to lounge or entertain. It is not expensive or difficult to create a small man-made pond, but it does require a little labor. Talk with home improvement retailers about pond-liners and features that will make your pond perfect, or hire contractors to do the work for you.

Don’t give up on your dream of a pond on your property; try these suggestions:

Build your own. It is not difficult to install your own pond, and you can choose between a using a prefabricated pond liner or lining it yourself. Either way, you will still need to dig the appropriately sized hole and line it with an aggregate, like gravel, and sand to help it settle in place securely. Lining your own pond will require a bit more labor, though it is an inexpensive way to bring a water feature to your property.

Build your own garden pond with these tips:

– Check the hole carefully before you add your pond-liner to make sure there are no sharp rocks, roots, or other things that could puncture your liner and compromise your pond.

– Install ponds on warm, sunny days to make sure the ground won’t shift or heave, which could disturb your liner.

– Cover and camouflage the edges of your pond-liner with stones to help weight it down, as well as plants to make it look pretty.

– Remember that ponds could attract wildlife so be prepared for the visits from birds and other critters that want to visit or drink from your water feature.

Stick to your budget. Even if you choose to work with a contractor to build your pond, there are some ways to keep it within your budget. Consider some budget-friendly pond ideas for your property, many that incorporate items you have on hand and ones that use natural features to create a lovely garden pond. This includes buying flexible liners that you cut and form yourself, as well as repurposing elements for the pond. Use repurposed aquarium rocks or marbles by lining the bottom of the pond with these colorful stones.

Create something magical. Once your pond is in place, you can really use your imagination to create something magical. Use the following tips to construct a space that you can dine or relax in, as well as one that you are proud to show off to friends and neighbors who visit your home.

Some garden pond ideas include the following:

– A raised pond constructed from concrete blocks can be a wonderful space for fish, plants, and frogs. These work well on a patio or for people that live in apartments with limited green space.

– Add a water fountain or bubbler to keep the water moving. This also will provide the soothing sound that can make it a relaxing place to spend time.

– Create a one-of-a-kind pond out of a recycled bathtub. Prop a mirror behind the tub to reflect light, if desired, and camouflage the front of the tub with potted plants and foliage.

A small pond in your yard or garden is truly a joy; it is the perfect spot to sit and relax after a long day, entertain friends, or dine with your family. Consider building your own pond on your property, and use these tips to ensure it is a success.

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