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By Melissa Merry

Dog breeds for you and your family

A commonly asked question when families are searching for a family dog is "What breed will be best for my children?"

Well, here is the answer to your question!

Bull terrier

This mid-sized dog is a great choice for a family due to it being very energetic. The bull terrier requires a large amount of playtime, so your children will wear out before your pup is ready to call it quits. This breed is a fantastic choice for large families, and you will never have to worry because bull terriers are protective.


Charlie Brown's best friend is an awesome choice for your family. The beagle is high strung, friendly and a sturdy playmate. The downside to the beagle is that they are high maintenance and enjoy howling.


This sturdy fellow is a good choice if your children like rough housing. The bulldog, not being very energetic, makes them pretty laid back and ready for almost anything your children will throw at them. A plus to the bulldog is they do not have any preference on where they live. Anything ranging from a small apartment to a large farmhouse works for this pup.


This gentle giant is a big teddy bear and is a perfect choice for your family. This breed is extremely sweet and is always ready to romp. The Newfoundland, originally bred for fishermen, is a fantastic swimmer, so no need to worry about them swimming with the children. They also require a lot of maintenance.

Irish setter

This beautiful dog is a fantastic choice for your family because they are full of energy and are always ready to play. The downside of the setter is that you will have to teach your children the loss of a beloved pet early on due to this breed's short lifespan of just 12 years.

Standard poodle

This fluffy friend is a fun yet gentle playmate for your rugrats. The poodle sheds very little so they are an adequate indoor pet. They are a highly intelligent breed, so they are great for training and are always eager to learn. A plus for poodles is they are gentle, so no need to worry about them knocking your children over.

Golden retriever

This energetic pup is a great playmate for your children. They are also a patient dog. The golden retriever is commonly known to be used as a service animal; so, if your children need a service animal, the golden retriever is a great companion. Just like the Irish setter, the golden retriever has a short lifespan – just 10 years.


Another great choice for your family is going down to your local ASPCA and choosing a pup in need of a home, most of which may be mutts. Mutts are just as great for your family as a pedigree; people say you cannot change the world, but you can change the world for that pup. In the end, do not count out the rescue dogs as a choice for children.

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