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By Angela Greenfield

Dandelion root and its benefits for your body

Dandelion root is an underrated natural health supplement which you can use to heal and maintain your body. Many people haven't even heard of dandelion root as an alternative to dangerous manufactured drugs.

Sadly, the dandelion flower has developed a revolting reputation over the centuries. Dandelions are classified as a troublesome weed since they invade their surroundings and destroy grass and ruin attractive flowers. Many people poison them without knowing that the dandelion root provides supportive benefits to the human body. These include liver health benefits, digestive aid benefits, gastrointestinal and urinary tract help, and vitamin and mineral benefits.

Liver health benefits

Your liver cleanses the digestive tract's blood before circulating the blood back into the bloodstream. This organ also decontaminates unnatural chemicals in the body and processes medications that pass through it. Dandelion root's antioxidants help purify the liver by destroying radicals that impair healthy body cells. This root also sanitizes human blood as it travels through the liver and makes your blood cells healthier and your plasma much purer.

Digestive aid benefits

Dandelion root's purification process assists with your digestion by cleaning your liver so that it continues bile production to help the intestines function. This bile production then corrects appetite loss by keeping your digestive tract active. The root's relaxing properties also calm an upset stomach during illness, and a settled stomach properly digests food.

Gastrointestinal and urinary tract benefits

Dandelion root's laxative abilities help medicate gastrointestinal issues by producing bowel movements and stopping flatulence by preventing gas buildup in the intestines. This natural health supplement then purifies the kidneys to produce better urine, and reduces the chances of people developing urinary tract infections.

Vitamin and mineral benefits

Dandelion root contains the essential vitamins A, C, D and B and the minerals iron, potassium and zinc. These help keep your body strong and vigorous.

Vitamin A helps protect your bones and skin, and it improves your vision. Vitamin C develops your body's connective tissue such as the skin, bones and vessels while it combats bacteria and viruses. Vitamin B improves your metabolism and lowers your risk of stroke. Vitamin D handles the absorption of phosphorus and calcium as it boosts your immune system. This vitamin also strengthens your bones and teeth.

Iron produces red blood cells which make up healthy blood, while potassium makes your heart pump blood throughout your body. Potassium even makes your muscles operate and your kidneys function. Zinc adjusts your immune system and orders the immune system to attack cancer cells, viruses, and bacteria. This mineral, furthermore, shortens the duration of a common cold and reduces inflammation while healing wounds.

Use with caution

While dandelion root has miraculous benefits for your body, you must consult a physician if you are allergic to ragweed or flowers such as marigolds and daisies, since the dandelion flower is in the same class as these plants. Also consult a doctor if you take lithium, any drug that is altered by your liver, water pills (due to potassium content), or quinolone antibiotics, which may not be correctly absorbed by the body.

Hidden treasure

Dandelions may be the stuff of nightmares for gardeners and landscapers, but dandelion root is a dream for your body. This natural health supplement cleans your liver, delivers potent antioxidants which fix your damaged cells, aids in your digestion, and helps fight illness from viruses and bacteria.

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