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By Thea Theresa English

Cook with fish for health benefits

There is an increase in the awareness of the importance of healthy eating, and fish plays an important role in this. Fish is high in omega 3 fatty acids and these acids are especially found in salmon and tuna. Omega 3 fatty acids contribute to better brain development. According to a Danish research project that appeared in Hypertension: Journal of the American Heart Association, regular fish consumption reduces risks of heart disease. Fish also helps with weight loss and helps improve the skin.

Risks of eating fish

Eating fish does have risks. For example, it is not safe to eat fish that is contaminated with mercury. Mercury poisoning causes symptoms such as memory loss, fatigue, hair loss, depression and headaches. There is also the issue of whether raw fish should be consumed. A person who consumes raw seafood could be at risk of salmonella poisoning, and those suffering from severe health conditions should not eat raw fish for this reason.

Proper way to cook fresh tuna

While canned tuna might be economical, fresh tuna is more delicious. Home cooks can season tuna with marinades, dried spices, salad dressing or fresh herbs with lemon juice. When grilling tuna fillets, cook them over medium heat for four to six minutes. If tuna steaks are going to be baked, they should be left in a 450-degree oven for six minutes.

How salmon is prepared

It does not take a long time to saute salmon in a skillet. The process takes three minutes in a nonstick skillet. To poach salmon, the cook would fill a medium-size pan with broth and the salmon. Then add spices and let the salmon cook for 20 minutes over medium-low heat. To roast salmon in the oven, heat the oven at 400 degrees and put seasoned fillets in a foil-covered pan. The fillets should be cooked for 12 minutes.

Crawfish and fettuccine bake

Heat the oven at 350 degrees. Meanwhile, in a medium pan combine one and a half cup of heavy cream, two cups of parmesan cheese, two teaspoons of salt, one teaspoon of garlic powder and a bag of crawfish tails. Let cook for 20 minutes then set aside. In a greased baking dish add a pound of cooked fettucine, then pour the sauce on top. Add bread crumbs on top of the mixture and bake for 30 minutes.

Fried catfish steaks

Heat three cups of vegetable oil while seasoning a pound of catfish steaks. After the catfish steaks are seasoned, dredge them in flour or cornmeal and gently add them to the pot. Fry for seven to ten minutes on each side. Serve with green beans or mashed potatoes.

Tilapia and spinach salad

In a medium bowl combine two cups of cooked and shredded tilapia, one chopped garlic clove, one chopped yellow onion, a half cup of fresh spinach, a third cup of olive oil, salt, pepper and crushed red pepper. Mix well and serve.

Fish is one of the healthiest foods to eat, and families will also enjoy the many ways it can be prepared.

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