Choosing between an open or enclosed shed for your property


Adding a shed to your home is a prudent investment, but what type is right for you? Make sure to consider different aspects of your home’s curb appeal to make sure that the shed you choose doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb! Another thing to consider is the primary purpose or utility of the shed; will you be using it simply for storage? Maybe you are looking to add a garden-tender to your property for convenience when working outside, or you could be seeking ways to protect your outdoor living space or picnic table.

Find the right balance between aesthetics and functionality with the following shed suggestions:

Your own gardening shed. If you spend any time in your garden or landscaping your property, you will appreciate the thought of your very own gardening shed. A garden shed or tender is a place to keep all of your outdoor equipment, lawn tools and planting supplies. An enclosed shed provides more security and protection for your expensive lawnmowers and gardening tools, but an open shed provides a convenient workspace when working on gardening projects and plantings.

A home office. A simple storage shed is ideal for a work-at-home space or your own office. It makes most sense to invest in an enclosed structure, and to have it wired for electricity. Depending on where you live, insulation will make the shed more comfortable in really cold and really warm environments. Seek styles with windows for natural light, which will also save on energy usage.

Protection for your car. Want a protective place to keep your vehicle? A garage is always a good investment, but it can be a costly one. An open shed or a carport is a great way to get overhead protection at a fraction of the cost of constructing an outbuilding big enough for a car. There are compelling reasons why carports are the way to go, including the fact that they cost about half the price of building a garage. In essence, a carport is an open-style storage shed that will accommodate a car.

An outdoor bar. There are many contemporary and clever uses for sheds popping up, including turning a simple shed into your outdoor bar. Imagine inviting friends and family to imbibe in a cool, chic space in your backyard; an enclosed shed offers year-round recreation, while an open shed may not unless you live in a mild climate. Each provides you with storage for your glassware, liquor, and supplies, though you may want to invest in a locked cabinet to secure these items when using an open shed for your bar.

Keep purpose and aesthetics in mind when contemplating open sheds versus enclosed styles:

– Open sheds offer versatility, and you can use them for temporary outdoor living spaces, meditation gardens, or vehicle storage.

– An enclosed shed often can enhance the value of a property, as it may have more uses than an open-style shed and can be used year-round, depending on your climate.

– Whether opting for enclosed or open sheds, consider investing in a shed kit to construct your own structure. This can be a cost-effective way to add storage without breaking the bank. Some contractors will set these up, charging for the labor without the cost of materials.


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