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Category: Pets and Animals

Service dogs are all the rage in the medical field, but what about service cats? According to the Americans with

Dogs are supposed to be man's best friend, but some people simply do not know the first thing about owning

Giving up your dog is a tough, serious decision. I have had to give up lovely pooch due to moving.

Whether you are adopting an older pet or bringing home a new puppy, training and housebreaking can be fun and

Though 2/3 of North Americans may tell you they like dogs better than cats you will be surprised to know

Hybrid dog breeds are becoming the newest fad in pets. Some may call these beloveds mutts. On the other hand,

Living with another cat owner can range from a heaven of companionable kitties, free pet sitting services, and purrs, to

Are you really ready to bring a little furry friend home? I mean, are you really ready? Sure it sounds

If your family cat is not a purebred, but it is so adorable that you believe that it could show

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