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By Ketionee Williams

Is fast-food healthier than your five-star restaurant or equal

A study shows that fast food places are producing a clean and healthy background than your typical five-star restaurant. Donald Trump has a love for junk food, but who knew he would be right about it being safer as well. A supplying company tested bacteria from different restaurants, and what they did was take samples from burger and taco places, while at five-star they took samples of steak, Italian and Asian eateries. After testing there was lower bacteria in fast food restaurants altogether. In high-end restaurants, the bacteria called bacillus cereus bacteria that were found in their establishments. This can cause serious vomiting and diarrhea. Gram-positive cocci was seen at fast-food restaurants, gram-positive causes staph infections.

Ruopeng An studied people who have previously eaten fast food with the professor of kinesiology. Ruopeng used data from her examination survey, which takes all health information to apply in his study for Clinical Nutrition. Citizens have no idea about the food that's being provided by restaurants and trying to considering whether or not it's healthy.

Over 10,000 adults participated in a survey about what they've eaten in a 2-day period. 1/3 of adults ate fast food on both days and eating full service at least one day. Adults who ate a homemade meal consumed more 190 more calories and more fat as for fast-food service it was 187 more calories. The consumption of fast food daily calorie intake was the largest among people with not so much education. The FDA requires restaurants to provide a calorie and nutrients guide inside there menu but it is not applied to many places.

Ordering from fast-food places isn't all that bad, to fit this into your diet consider these tips when you order

  • Ask for a small serving which is usually around 250 calories.
  • Choose there healthier dishes such as anything low-fat or low in calories.
  • Pick any type of green salad with your choice of dressing. Usually available at quite a few places.
  • Most of the beverages they are high in calories, All the drinks that are less than 300 calories are their unsweetened iced tea, water, and diet soda.

Don't add sides if they're not needed; I recommend choosing fruits over fries. Almost seventy percent of customers at places like McDonald's, which are known in the trade as quick-service restaurants, get their food at a drive-through a process that, according to last years drive-thru Performance Study, conducted by QSR, an industry magazine, takes an average of 219.97 seconds and costs most people about five dollars.

Yet, the industrial farm system that has made it possible for McDonald's and many other chains to sell cheeseburgers for a dollar has also enabled Americans to spend a smaller percentage of their income on food than people do in any other country.
The latter is the kind of fast food that people associate with McDonald's; it's also what millions of Americans eat at home every day.

Food companies compete fiercely for our food dollars and do everything they can to induce us to eat their products and eat more food, regardless of the effects on waistlines and health.

I hadn't eaten breakfast, but I kept moving and soon passed the corporate headquarters building, on McDonald Plaza; eventually, I turned onto Kroc Drive and followed it to Ronald Lane, where I parked near the main administration building.

Until a few days earlier, when I purchased a Big Mac at the airport before boarding my flight to Chicago, I hadn't eaten at McDonald's in years.

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