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By Thea Theresa English

Best ways to get investors for your business

Those seeking to get funds for their business should consider investors. The first thing someone should do is type out a detailed business plan that discusses the nature of the business, what makes it unique and viable to customers, who the partners in the business will be, future sales projections and how the investor will receive the return on his investment. Once this is done, it's time to pitch to potential investors.

Friends and family first

It would be a good idea to start with family and friends if they are excited about the business that the person will start. Those seeking funds from loved ones should make it clear what the funds will be used for; they also should offer loved ones compensation for their investment. Because family and finances get sticky at times, the aspiring business owner should get a written and notarized agreement in place.

Consider crowdfunding

If someone has limited networking skills or does not need a huge investment, he can use crowdfunding. With crowdfunding, the person can visit a website where the public gives donations to certain projects or startup capital. This is also a great idea for college students and teens looking to become entrepreneurs early in life. People who are interested should check out different crowdfunding sites carefully since some are not ethical in their practices.

Demonstrate the product

It is one thing to write a detailed business plan but it does not hurt to include product demonstration as a way to get investors. Those seeking funds from potential investors should look for ways to show how their products will benefit customers. These individuals can have booths at trade shows because many investors attend them. In addition to the demonstrations, they can give out samples to attendants.

Colleges can help too

If a person is a business administration or economics graduate, he can meet with his former professors to inquire about ways to get investors for his business. The professors can listen to the person's idea to determine if it will impress investors or not. Some might even have experience in investing and can invest funds personally if they like the idea.

Competition study is important

Most investors want to invest in something unique and viable at the same time so it is important that future business owners study their competition and see which demographics their competitors are not reaching. Aspiring business owners should not create a copycat of a venture that already exists. The person seeking funds should also see their competition's weak areas and capitalize on them for a better advantage.

About investor agreement

Now that the person has funds from the investor, it is time to draft a formal investor agreement. The agreement should include names of the investors and business owners, amount of funds being invested, what the return on investment will be, payments that will be made and dates that milestones will be met during the length of the partnership. This should be notarized.

With these and additional strategies, it is possible for someone to start and maintain a fruitful and profitable business.

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