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By Kristy Smolenski Nelson

Best tank tops for women this summer

Are you wondering what tank tops will be in fashion this summer? If you are curious about what's appearing on celebrities for this upcoming summer season, then you'll be happy with the information offered here. There are so many choices for women as far as tank tops go, it can be overwhelming to try and pick out what is, in fact, fashionable and what is likely to stay trendy for a few summers to come. If you have ever felt stressed out by the wide variety of tank tops available to you at your local retail stores, you are certainly not alone.

So, how can you save a little time shopping and get focused on the best looks for tanks this summer? Keep reading and you'll get a helpful breakdown of what you should purchase this summer.

Solid colored or dual patterned spaghetti-strapped tanks

Spaghetti-strapped tanks are huge this summer, and many female celebrities are already out and about in them as the weather warms up. The best go-to look on this type of tank is the simple, straight cut, so keep it basic with this look. You can pick just about any solid color for this type of tank, although for summertime, pastels and lighter colors will always be more trendy to match the sunny, bright days. One celebrity that does this fashion justice continually is Jessica Alba. Although she is known to wear mostly solid earth-toned patterns, you can take it up a notch with this look and go for a two-colored pattern. Anything more than two colors, however, will seem too overdone for a simple summer look. What's also nice about this look is that you can keep it simple and go without accessories, or add some costume accessories to vary up your style.

Longer boho tanks

For a little more dolled-up look, you can go for the longer boho tank, which can also be worn with or without accessories depending on how casual or dressy you wish to take the look. When going boho with your fashion, try to keep it to one or two colors only, since the entire concept behind boho is the simple look. Boho shirts, however, have a wide variety of cuts, and all are acceptable this summer, so have fun picking out what you like. Kate Hudson is well known for wearing these types of tanks, which can be very feminine for a nice night out.

Ribbed cotton tank tops

Ribbed cotton tank tops are great if you are going casual, but can also be dressed up with some nice costume accessories that match. For this type of look, solid colors and dual colored, simple patterns are best, since the purpose of the tank itself is to be simple. You can dress it up with other accessories if you wish. Too many colors take away from the freshness of a light summer fashion, but remember, you can always add your costume accessories to it if you want to dress it up a bit.

So, when you are making your plans to update your summer wardrobe, remember to pick up a few of these styles of tanks to keep yourself trendy this season.

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