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By Nicole Rawls

Best fast food chains for healthy eating

A decade ago, your healthy menu options for a quickie lunch were a side salad or a bland chicken sandwich. But now, there are many healthy and tasty fast food choices because many restaurants have cut out trans fats and added fresh ingredients. Healthy eating can be tasty. It does not have to be tasteless and bland. Food can be your friend instead of your enemy. Here are some healthy options to choose when eating out. These restaurants and foods will cut many calories, salt and saturated fat from your meal.


The best foods to order from McDonald's are the classic grilled chicken sandwich, fruit and walnuts, yogurt parfait, and black coffee. You can save 6 grams of fat and 50 calories from a grilled chicken sandwich by skipping the mayonnaise. You can cut 166 milligrams of salt, 100 calories, and grams of carbs by taking off the top bun. Fruit and walnuts have 210 calories and 60 milligrams of salt. Yogurt parfaits are healthy too. For beverages, get a cup of water or a black coffee.


Subway is one of the healthiest places to eat if you order the right thing. The 6-inch turkey breast with wheat bread is a healthy choice. Load your turkey sub with avocado, mustard and veggies. This sub sandwich has plenty of fresh vegetables, protein and 360 calories. A bonus? It is very delicious.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken has some healthy food choices. Grilled chicken drumsticks, green beans, mashed potatoes, unsweetened tea and water are the best options. You can lower the fat in your order by taking off the skin on the drumsticks. Also, you can dip your mashed potatoes in the gravy instead of pouring the gravy on your potatoes, which saves about 30 calories.

Burger King

The healthiest foods to get from Burger King are the whopper jr. and a garden side salad. You can order the whopper jr. meal without mayonnaise or French fries. The hamburger has about 300 calories. Get a side salad with it and a small serving of dressing. For beverages, water is the best option, but you can also get a diet soda or unsweetened tea.


Get a large chili and a small Diet Coke. You can also order a water. The chili is good for you, but be sure to skip the cheese and crackers. They add unneeded calories to the meal. Without cheese or crackers, the chili is 310 calories, and packed with protein, which helps you feel full. Chilli also has 10 grams of fiber, which keeps you feeling full longer.


Starbucks has some healthy options, too. You should order the strawberry blueberry yogurt parfait or a tall cafe Americano. The yogurt has a lot of probiotics, which are great for your belly. The fruit has plenty of fiber. The fiber and granola have 290 calories combined. The Americano coffee has a lot of antioxidants. Of course, it is best to just order a black coffee. It has no calories or salt.

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