Best low-sodium meals for diabetics


If you just found out that you have diabetes, you may have been advised to reduce the amount of sodium and sugar you consume. You may not like the idea because a lot of the high-sodium meals are the ones you've come to love over the years. But just because you need to modify your recipes does not mean that you have to lose the flavor. Here are some delicious low-sodium meals that diabetics can enjoy.

Cabbage and spinach soup

This soup is great for diabetics because cabbage and spinach are both low in sodium and carbohydrates. In a large pot saute three cups of chopped Vidalia onions, a cup of diced carrots, three garlic cloves chopped and a half cup of green onions in a few teaspoons of olive oil. After 15 minutes add four cups of vegetable broth, a few sprigs of your favorite herbs, and spices such as cinnamon, turmeric, cayenne pepper, and oregano. Add salt substitute in place of regular salt.

Scrambled eggs and chicken breasts

Eggs and chicken are low in sodium and high in protein, which makes this meal great for breakfast. Add diced tomatoes, green peas, and some zucchini pieces to the eggs for color. Flavor your chicken breasts with low-sodium marinade or salad dressing and black pepper, onion powder and lemon juice. Top off the breakfast with a glass of cranberry juice.

Apple and grape salad

This is a nice alternative to the traditional apple pie you eat for dessert. Apples and grapes contain less than five milligrams of sodium per cup and this is also good for kids with diabetes. In a bowl combine a cup of peeled and diced apples, a half cup of chopped red grapes, a few sprigs of mint, a third cup of honey, and a cup of reduced fat yogurt. Mix well and serve.

Black beans and quinoa

Black beans and quinoa are low in sodium and you can flavor the beans with chicken broth, cumin, cayenne pepper, chili powder, crushed garlic, and chopped onions. Leave out the salt pork and sausage since these meats contain high levels of sodium. When you make the quinoa, add some vegetables for extra flavor.

Broccoli and spaghetti with herbs

Broccoli is low in sodium and pasta is an economic food hat goes well with anything. Boil pieces of broccoli in water for fifteen to twenty minutes then drain. Chop up the broccoli in smaller pieces and add to three cups of cooked spaghetti. Add a third cup of olive oil, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, black pepper, and reduced salt Parmesan cheese. Then toss in a few sprigs of oregano and rosemary, mix well and serve.

Raspberry mango smoothie

Soft drinks contain sodium and this smoothie will refresh you while keeping your diabetes in check. In a blender combine a cup each of chopped raspberries and mangoes, a half cup of almond milk, three teaspoons of honey, and three cups of ice cubes. Blend until smooth.


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