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By Mahasin

Benefits of smaller class sizes

Parents frequently have mixed emotions as a new school year begins for their children. They also might have unanswered questions. What type of reputation does the school have? Are the teachers and staff qualified? What level of safety does the school have? Most important, how many students will there be in each classroom? As far as most parents are concerned, the smaller the class size, the better, and they have good reason to think so.

The ability to provide individual attention

With fewer students in a room, teachers are more likely to give each one individualized attention. It’s easier to properly evaluate any problems that a student might have with paying attention, for example, or with retaining information. When teachers provide one-on-one attention, each child will feel less invisible and possibly more confident, knowing that the teacher takes a personal interest in him or her.

Improvement in academics

Research has shown that smaller class sizes result in a higher rate of academic achievement. There is a noticeable gain in academics when a class is reduced to about 20 students. In the 1980s, a controlled study known as the Students-Teachers Achievement Ratio (S.T.A.R.) project was conducted by the State Department of Education in Tennessee. It was reported that there had been positive effects among students in all subject areas when classroom sizes were reduced.

Fewer disruptions

No matter how skilled an instructor is, overcrowded classrooms easily can become noisy and chaotic. A single pupil, acting out, can throw 29 others off task. Time spent being a disciplinarian is time a teacher could better use in actual teaching. Smaller class sizes have a better chance of staying orderly, with students focused on their work rather than on the disruptive child sitting next to them.

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