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By Amanda Hundley Schnell

Beautiful decorating with rustic d(C)cor

Decorating with rustic décor

Many of us dream of living in a log cabin, but don't want the added maintenance that comes with it. But you don't have to live in a log cabin to have that rustic feeling. In fact, choosing rustic décor pieces can bring a touch of nature and that log cabin feel to any home.

Elements of rustic décor

The most beautiful element of rustic décor is that it puts an emphasis on the rugged natural beauty of Mother Nature that draws every nature lover to the outdoors. The raw natural materials used in these décor pieces are the most beautiful part of decorating with rustic décor. A stone fireplace, wide-planked hardwood floors, wooden-beamed ceilings and woven textures are just a few of the elements needed to accomplish the true rustic design style in the living room or dining room. Even though this design style has evolved over the years from a dark, heavy appearance to a more contemporary design that is light, fresh and real, it is still a style that is sought after because of its warmth and comfort.

Rustic furniture pieces

This style of furniture comes in a variety of designs and can fit into any home. I love this style because it is the easiest style for "DIY" (do it yourself). You can take just about any kind of furniture piece from a thrift store and turn it into a rustic style piece. Rustic furniture pieces take on a natural, earthy look. Solid-toned fabrics and heavy woods make for beautiful furniture pieces. These pieces can either be stained, natural, or painted. If you go with painted or stained, you will want to stick with colors and tones that are warm and inviting.

Rustic décor accessories

Bringing elements of nature into the space is a sure way to make your home feel more natural. Get your hands dirty with some fun DIY projects using twigs and stone, or hit up your local hobby shops and antique stores for vintage pieces. Check out the links below of my favorite DIY rustic décor accessories. Take advantage of any reclaimed wood items, as these pieces bring authentic beauty to a true rustic design. If you get your hands on some reclaimed wood and don't have the skills to build something on your own, hire a contractor who can. Using reclaimed wood for pieces such as a dining table, headboard, end tables, or an entertainment center can add a beautiful and personal touch to your design. Recycling wood from old furniture and repurposing it into some fun décor projects is a great way to save money and add a natural, personal touch to your home.

You don't have to live in a log cabin to enjoy the benefits that nature can bring to you. Whether you live in an apartment, townhouse, or a colonial home just outside the city, you can always have a touch of nature with you. The warmth and beauty of nature is undeniable and sought after by so many. If the cost of some of the rustic furniture or décor accessories has you shying away from this style, turn on your inner DIY'er and get to work creating the perfect rustic retreat anywhere in your home. Don't let where you live stop you from enjoying all the natural elements you love. Bring a bit of rustic style to your home, no matter where you are.

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