Tips on buying the best plus-size clothes


There was a time when it was no fun to purchase plus-size clothing because the outfits looked too plain and frumpy. But nowadays you can find stylish and comfortable plus-size clothing in all kinds of stores. The good news is that you do not have to wear black all of the time as way to appear slimmer because with the following suggestions, you can shop for plus size clothing with confidence.

Get measured by a professional

One thing you should do is get measured by a professional because it gives you an idea of what your proportions are and this makes the shopping process easier. After you get measured, write down the measurements and use these as a benchmark while buying clothes.

Avoid clothes that are too tight or baggy

When you buy clothes that are too tight, it makes you look bigger but if you choose overly baggy clothes, they will not flatter your figure. You want to buy plus-size clothing that is in alignment with your proportions so that you'll look fabulous in your outfits.

Find a great tailor

The sad reality is that most stores do not sell the best clothing for plus-size women and it is often difficult to find outfits that fit your body just right. For this reason a good idea would be to work with a tailor who knows how to create clothing for all body types. Ask some loved ones for recommendations and ask tailors for samples of their work.

Try on clothes before buying

When shopping for plus-size clothing, it is important to try the outfits on before making a purchase. It keeps you from having to return outfits and getting refunds because the outfits do not look right on you. Bring a friend to assist you in making the best choices.

Throw away your style inhibitions

While you should adhere to certain fashion rules for plus-size fashion, it does not mean that you throw away your preferences in clothing. If you are getting tired of wearing neutral toned clothes, buy outfits with floral patterns, bright colors, prints and even stripes. You want to have fun with your personal style.

What about plus size swimwear?

If you're shopping for plus-size swimwear, consider your body type. Pear shaped women have larger legs and thighs so they should buy swimwear that focuses on the top part of the body. Apple-shaped women are a little heavier on the chest or stomach so they would wear something that hides the top or midsection well. One piece swimsuits work well for plus size women but tankinis and empire waist sundresses are also neat.

Get inspiration from full figured women you admire

This is another great way to enjoy shopping for plus-size clothes. Some stylish curvy celebrities include Salma Hayek, Queen Latifah, Trisha Yearwood and Jill Scott.

Being plus-size does not mean that you have to settle for substandard style. With confidence and the above-mentioned tips, you will look fabulous everyday.


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