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By ReebokPrince

Atmosphere Poisoning Of The Earth By Man

There are several different gases that the Earth's gravity holds in place. Most of the gases, such as sulfur, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen, are in the lower troposphere of the Earth.

When it comes to global climate change, these gases are affected along with the weather and atmosphere.


There are changes in the temperature, air pressure, and wind every day. Air that flows across the Earth expands after it becomes warm. Warm air rises. When the air rises, vertical air currents are produced.

Convection currents are created which contribute to daily weather changes. The currents along with the counter-clockwise rotation of the Earth causes the weather patterns to generally move from west to east. When the sun heats the air, you get high pressure in the high atmosphere. The after effect is low pressure closer to the earth.

Rivers of wind are high in the atmosphere. These winds separate the warm and cold air currents. The winds can flow up to 300 miles per hour. These winds are part of jet streams that steer major masses of air in the low troposphere. Some masses of air are at different temperatures.


The Earth acts as a greenhouse when the harmful gases are collected in the high atmosphere. The harmful chemicals from cars and coal refineries rise into the atmosphere. It has no place to go. The radiation is re-emitted in every direction by the greenhouse gases. It mixes with the other gases thus causing a warming up of the earth.

The sun's solar energy is what powers the climate system. With harmful gases mixing with the natural gases, it is now dirty. The high air is just as dirty as at the surface air. There was less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere before the car was invented.

Some gases return to earth when it rains from storm clouds. There have been more violent storms for the past 30 years. Tornadoes are larger than they used to be. There was a time when you would get a violent storm once in a great while.

Now it seems like every storm that forms is violent along with large tornadoes. The normal flow of air and weather conditions is now disrupted because of the poisoning of the earth.

Alternative energy uses

Harnessing the wind using wind turbines is an alternative way to create electricity. It will not stop nuclear plants from causing further disruption and advancement of climate changes, but it will help. There are now wind farms that help with electric usage. There are places in the United States that are going green. This means using alternative energy sources instead of gas.

Using an electric car or recycling products and using them again helps. A lot of people think the electric car is a new thing, it is not. The first electric vehicle was created in the early 1830s in Scotland. There are some that do not believe in global warming. Is it real?

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