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By Peterj68

A few reasons why dogs are better to own than cats.

If you are a dog lover, then you are going to like what is being said here. The fact of the matter is that dogs are better to own than cats, hands down. If you are a dog lover, you will agree with me. You know all the benefits to owning a dog, regardless of the breed you have. Each person chooses a dog to fit their personality. In fact, if you look closely, sometimes dogs resemble their owners.

Dogs are cute when they’re born

When puppies are born, they are adorable. So small, you just want to pick them up and hold them. As your dog gives birth, you’ll realize that there will be more than one. One will be larger than all the rest and one will be the smallest, the runt. It makes no difference, they are all cute and cuddly. Chances are you will be wanting more than one. It’s okay, they’re yours. Pick as many as you want.

Dogs are smarter than cats

Cats tend to get on top of things, like shelves, TVs and countertops. What you notice when cats do this is that they always fall off. Dogs seem to know better than that. They are always on the floor, usually out of the way unless the owner goes away and the dog sneaks up on the couch for a good afternoon nap.

Dogs help you stay active

When is the last time you took a cat on a walk to the park? Cats tend to be very sedentary. They like to just hang out. Dogs, on the other hand, like to go outside and run around. They love to play with you, even a simple game of fetching the ball or stick you throw. Some love to go on runs with their owners. Dogs help you to be active since they love to be active. That type of activity just doesn’t happen with cats.

Dogs can be heroes

Certain breeds of working dogs are used for when disaster strikes. In snowy mountain areas there can be avalanches with people stuck under densely packed snow. Dogs, with their incredible sense of smell, can locate those stuck many feet under. This also happens with people trapped under the rubble after devastating earthquakes. Now that’s a hero.

Dogs are able to give comfort to those that need it

Homes for the elderly use dogs. Petting a dog is very therapeutic and can lower a person’s blood pressure. Those who are depressed can benefit from petting a dog. It can help lift spirits and decrease depression-like symptoms. They are able to sense emotions in humans.

Dogs are loyal to their owners

Dogs will stick by your side until the day they die. They have an amazing loyalty when it comes to their owners. Owners feed them, bathe them, and play with them. Dogs repay that type of friendship with fierce loyalty.

Pick as many reasons as you like. Dogs are simply better than cats.

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