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By Tammy Gravis

5 Ways to Avoid High Student Debt when getting an Education

The key to having the most success in life may depend on getting an education. However, the costs of doing so are high. In fact, studies show that the average annual cost of attending a public in-state college is $9,410. This cost will continue to rise due to inflation and other factors. Having a high amount of student debt once you have finished getting your education is less than ideal. By knowing some of the best ways to avoid this unwanted situation, you may be better capable of doing so.

Get a part-time job

There are many companies that welcome students who want to work part-time hours. This is an ideal way to help you pay for part of the cost of your tuition. The majority of businesses will pay you at least minimum wage, and working several hours per week can add up quickly.

Additionally, consider doing some freelance writing online. This would enable you to work around your study schedule.

Consider financial aid

You may be able to qualify for financial aid if your family income meets the basic requirements. Take the time to check with the college you're attending to learn the full details of what you need to do to secure this money to fund your education.

Apply for scholarships

Taking the time to apply for scholarships is an ideal way for you to avoid high amounts of student debt. Keep in mind that in order to be awarded a scholarship you will need to have above-average grades or excel in some type of sport.

You will want to check with the scholarship department at the college you attend to determine which ones are available to you.

Plan ahead

It's ideal to have some money saved for college. This can decrease the money you will have to borrow to get your education. Additionally, there are other ways to reduce your expenses, and these are listed below:

  • Look for used books at the local bookstore or post ads online to find these at a lower cost.
  • Have a plan in mind for your meals and work to prepare many of these on your own for a lower food bill.
  • Consider rooming with an individual to help you split some of the costs of living.

Taking the time to think of various ways to lower your college expenses is an ideal way to have to borrow less money.

Consider a grant

Check with your local government to determine if you qualify for a grant. This is money that you won't have to pay back and could enable you to have less student debt to repay.

You will want to carefully review the guidelines on the grant because these are typically awarded only to individuals in certain situations, including having financial difficulties.

Being able to secure an education without having extensive debt is in your best interest. Be sure to consider the options above to enable you to do so today for fewer loans to pay back tomorrow.

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