6 financial mistakes that can lower your credit rating


One of the largest indicators of how financially stable you are is your credit score. This is a number assigned to you based on how you pay your bills. If you want to secure a lower interest rate and ensure the possibility of obtaining a loan when you need it, you will want to have a high credit rating. However, it's also ideal to know the various things that can reduce this critical number when it comes to your financial reputation.

Paying bills late

It's in your best interest to pay a bill within its due date. This is typically written on any statements that you may receive in the mail. Simply look for the date the bill is due to be paid and pay it within that time frame. Keep in mind that if you're mailing a payment, you should put it in the mail at least a week in advance.

Owning too many credit cards

You may enjoy being able to borrow money when you want to or using your credit card to pay for primary or minor purchases. However, having too many lines of credit can cause your rating to decrease rather than increase. Avoid applying for too many credit cards in order to have the highest rating possible.

Not making the minimum payments

When you receive a credit card bill, you will be given the option of paying the amount you want. Of course, you will be required to make a minimum payment, and if you fail to do so, you may compromise your credit rating.

Be sure to at least pay the bare minimum amount to maintain your credit rating on a monthly basis for optimal results.

Failure to check your credit report

You will want to keep a check on your credit report to ensure there aren't any errors. This can occur, and if your score suddenly goes down, you will want to know why.

You can request a full credit report from some locations, and doing so may enable you to find a mistake that should be corrected.

Keeping debt levels too high

It's a good idea to know the amount of debt you have if you want to avoid a plummeting credit score. Periodically, take the time to calculate the amount you owe to prevent this problem from arising and potentially reducing your credit rating.

Not using your full name

There are instances when you may not be recognized by various financial institutions. This could cause your credit rating to go down. The best way to avoid this unwanted situation is by using your full name and physical address for clarification purposes.

The benefits of having a high credit score are numerous and will enable you to do many things in your life with greater ease when it comes to borrowing money. By knowing the factors that can make your credit score go down, you will be able to avoid that situation entirely.


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