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5 powerful facts about split testing tools

Split testing is the analytical process of quantifying the performance of a piece of marketing content against a control version. This may sound a bit dry, but it is crucial to the process of optimizing your message and converting or closing leads. Once you begin thinking of it that way, split testing (or A/B testing) is actually quite exciting. You will thank me when you see the results the LeadMachine split testing tool delivers.

Waffling back and forth between two versions of ad copy? Trying to pick the right page to pin to your site to woo the favour of Google? Do not wonder: Test. Wandering blindly in the dark of the Internet is no way to innovate. Split testing tools gather vital data for on the number of unique visits to your goal page so you can crunch the numbers. You can split test Facebook ads, aspects of your WordPress site, email effectiveness and Adwords copy. None of your content should be safe from the watchful eye of your analytics.

As you build content within your inbound marketing strategy, you will be doing a lot of split testing. I imagine you have better things to do with your time. Split testing tools can help you effectively and efficiently identify the most successful version of your message. Thanks, automation!

1. Your hero is using split testing tools

One of the best practices for inbound marketing strategy is to find what is working for your ideal visitor persona and deliver that better. If you cannot make it better, you can make it different. Before you make it your own, you have to find what works for other successful businesses in your niche. Rest assured, all of your marketing heroes are split testing.

If you need further confirmation of this, check out what the infamous Moz Blog has to say about split testing for SEO and conversions. The heavy hitters in the internet marketing game believe in data because successful people do not waste time on things that do not work.

LeadMachine’s split testing software has undergone rigorous research and development of its own to arrive at something that specifically meets your needs.

2. Split testing removes any guesswork about content performance

The helpful folks at compiled their top ten A/B testing case studies to help readers learn what works. A quick look at a story like Bionic Gloves’ ability to increase total revenue 24.7 percent with one simple change clearly proves that split testing achieves actual results. Is it possible to predict that removing promo code boxes from the checkout process could improve business by that margin? Not likely.

Another success story in the case study cache above is NuFace. This company increased their average order value by 7.32 percent by including a threshold to qualify for free shipping. In this way, split testing can even quantify the power of an incentive.

3. Split testing tools preserve the history of your content

Your analytics are not a one-off situation. Achieving success in one area of your site will motivate you to optimize others. As you see what works, you will want to test the new things you learn. This is why it is important to be able to look back at the history of the evolution of your content. After all, remember that you should be your own hero and replicate the things that worked for you in the past, just as you attempt to build upon the success of your closest competitors.

Proof of your journey can be especially helpful for start-ups focused on showing or achieving fast growth. If you are currently the head of your own content marketing team, you may want to share details of your past split testing with any new marketers you bring on board. The bottom line is you need the data over time to have a clear picture of your progress and your goals.

4. Split testing focuses on what works so you can refine it

When I say repeating, I do not mean exactly. You learn what works, but you cannot repeat it exactly the same way on every area of your site. You have to shake things up a bit while still following the same successful formula. A split testing tool will help you refine your formula over time and change it to please your audience. A delighted audience is a converting audience full of potential brand loyalists. As you can see from the case studies above, the smallest change can yield huge results.

The truth is, the more you review and refine, the better your own instincts will get. Proper content testing will actually make you a better marketer.

5. There is nothing to lose with a great split testing tool

If you are worried about squandering traffic or leads on a lacklustre bit of content, let me reassure you. A great split testing tool will save you as much traffic as possible. The split testing feature at LeadMachine includes the ability to “pick a winner” once a clear positive result is identified.

Say you set up two landing pages and run a test on them. You can direct LeadMachine to start funneling your leads to the most successful version at a set point. This works best for large search groups.

The LeadMachine split testing tool integrates with the rest of our automation suite so every hand knows what the other is doing. This will give you a big picture view of your strategy.

Step up your marketing game with LeadMachine split testing today

Are you ready to really start working smarter instead of harder? Take your content deep into conversion territory with LeadMachine split testing. All you have to do is accept a free, no obligation trial to see if its right for you.

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