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By Barbara Serating

You are what you think and you need to control them before they control you.

We all have the ability to make our lives either positive or negative by the thoughts we have. It is stunning to confirm the power that our thought process effects the outcomes in our lives. Our thoughts can determine our successes and failures. We all need to recognize that we can control them and also redirect them to achieve what we believe. In fact, it has been said that 10% of what happens to us can be controlled by 90% of how we react to the situation. We need to take complete control of all of our thought processes immediately.

Have you ever had a morning when you have one negative event occur after another? It seems as if your entire day is doomed by the first event that happens to us. The first thing that happens may be that we stub our toe as we get out of bed to use the bathroom. As you proceed to enjoy your first cup of coffee, the mug spills its contents onto the kitchen table. You then tell yourself that this is going to be an awful day. You get a speeding ticket on your way to work and your boss confronts you as soon as you walk into work. As the day progresses, more and more things go wrong. By mid-afternoon, these negative experiences confirm the misery of this awful day. By the time you go to bed, you are thrilled that this day has come to an end.

How can we change the outcome of the above scenario to ensure that simply stubbing your toe is not an assurance of having a horrible day? Instead of telling yourself that this is going to be an awful day, immediately use your mind to focus on something for which you are grateful. Mop up the coffee on the table and picture yourself enjoying a lovely day. Put on some uplifting music on the way to work to enjoy a song you love. Make a concerted effort to cancel any new negative thoughts that enter your mind as often as you can. Visualize that the remaining day will be full of awesome experiences and wonderful achievements. At the end of this glorious day, remind yourself of something that you are grateful for.

Olympic athletes achieve fantastic results by thinking positive thoughts. They think win, win, instead of lose, lose, as they approach the athletic event. In addition, they visualize themselves winning the medal and enjoying success instead of failure.

In the health care field, there are many examples of the importance of a positive approach to a life-threatening illness. Many cancer patients have achieved remission by medical intervention and the use of positive thinking. Our minds are the most important tool to help us improve our medical outcomes. We need to focus on things that make us laugh and bring us joy.

Take charge of the way you think and how you react to what happens in your life. Be sure to find the joy in each new day; no matter what you are facing. Positive thoughts are much more powerful than negative ones. Be aware of how you are feeling and think your way to happiness. Cancel all negative thoughts and turn them into powerful, positive ones. Take charge of your thoughts and use them to your benefit. Dynamic thoughts yield wonderful outcomes, and negative ones make things even worse.

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