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By Keely A.C.

Why your marketing strategy should include attending events

While a robust digital footprint is certainly vital for expanding your brand, preserving human contact in a high-tech, fast paced world is also a strategic component when promoting it to a targeted market.

Why attending events is important

Whether you host an event or attend one as a sponsor, positioning your brand in front of a group of key decision makers offers an opportunity to develop personal relationships and creates a human association and memory with your brand.

Participating in events will also generate new, qualified leads with individuals who are interested in your market, have a clear need for services and have taken time out of their schedules to attend. Event organizers will oftentimes provide an attendee contact list to those who sponsor as well. This allows you to cultivate your prospect database with consumers who are interested in learning more about products associated with your brand.

When looking for opportunities to strengthen brand awareness, many businesses find attending and hosting events to be the most efficient way to market their business and connect with multiple potential clients in a very brief period of time. Building relationships with target consumers strengthens your professional presence in the marketplace and your reputation in the industry. Attending events also allows businesses to remain relative in their market, giving them an advancement over the competition.

Ways to participate in events

Another great way to participate in events relating to your brand is to be a keynote speaker. When you have the opportunity to stand in front of an audience filled with prospects as a qualified leader in the market, you are able to be heard and sell the need for your brand directly. Businesses who present at events show their consumers that they are an expert in their market. Sharing a story, testimonial or your knowledge about a topic of interest is a great way to market your brand and stand out.

In order to host a successful event, or even generate higher traffic to a sponsored event, online marketing is essential to promote it. Many events incorporate social media by creating hashtags or event groups, and it is important that you promote your attendance using these marketing tools so that other attendees know who you are and where they can find you.

LinkedIn and Twitter are great social media platforms that allow you to broaden your reach and footprint online. Any speeches or acknowledgements in the press can also be promoted in relevant LinkedIn groups, professional forums and your company's profile.

By attending events and promoting your activity in the market, your brand will have no limits to how far it can be reached by buyers. Using these tools, your business will be identified with consumers as an industry expert.

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