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By Thea Theresa English

Why you should consider a move to Houston

Houston is an interesting and exciting city to live in and here are some reasons why you should move there. Houston possesses plenty of Fortune 500 companies and many of them are in the oil and gas industries. One can also find quite a few great technology jobs in Houston. The employment rate in Houston is also decent and the diversity is amazing with representation of all kinds of nationalities there.

What? No income tax?

Because Texas has no state income tax, you save money when you move to Houston. This means that you can put more of your money towards long term financial goals and miscellaneous perks such as regular outings in the city's nightlife and at local community events.

Houston is great for homebuyers

Houston is great for homebuyers for several reasons. This city has excellent and well-performing school districts at the elementary and secondary levels, and there are 288 schools in Houston. Houston is home to well known colleges such as Rice University and the University of Houston. This city has one of the youngest populations nationwide and this makes it favorable for young families to relocate there.

Other interesting facts about Houston

Houston is the most populous city in the nation and Houston residents eat out more than residents in other cities. This city also has a thriving theater district that offers diverse productions for every preference. Houston is LGBT friendly and its mayor is a lesbian. For those who love museums and galleries, Houston offers a wide variety of them. 92 nations have consulates in this city and Houston is a sports paradise with baseball, football and basketball teams. There is also the Houston Rodeo that attracts 2 million visitors yearly.

No zoning laws in Houston

Thanks to the lack of zoning laws in Houston, the sky is the limit for those seeking to open businesses in the city. This allows you to be strategic in where you want to open your company as well as what type of company you want to open. It would be a good idea to research the market in Houston to determine if your services would be viable there.

Decent public transportation system

Although it is difficult to get around Houston if you do not drive, it is not impossible thanks to the city's public transportation system. There are buses that can take you to different parts of the city for a decent price and Houston also has a rail system that can get you to the main attractions.

You'll enjoy the top attractions

Houston is home to one of the largest malls in the nation, the Galleria. In addition to the stores this mall also has restaurants and hotels. The Houston Zoo contains 500 types of interesting animals and has a huge collection of snakes. The Space Center is not only a major employer for the aeronautics industry in Houston but it is a great place to visit.

Houston is a Southern city but it has the progressive streak of other cities such as Los Angeles or San Francisco. In addition, the cost of living is affordable and the people are friendly.

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