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By Ambrianna Freeze

Why you should be keeping your brand consistent everywhere

A personal brand is an introduction to the world on a number of platforms. Personal brands give new and returning contacts a way to identify the user and their goals even before seeing the person face-to-face or, in the digital age, profile to profile. A personal brand might include the person’s name, a short description, and an image or outline, all of which culminate in a simple way to catch the attention of even the most carefree passersby. Once a brand has been created, however, the trick is to keep it consistent across every platform, both physical and digital. If the brand even slightly varies, the contact or client will, consciously or subconsciously, notice the difference and be put off by it. Here are some tips on how to maintain brand consistency, as well as some points to consider before changing anything about a personal brand.

As a professional, use a professional

There are hundreds of resources online that can be used to create a personal brand. Those resources exist for a reason – they work. Using a website like to have a personal brand developed is a huge leap forward for any professional trying to promote themselves or their services. The brands become instantly pristine and note-worthy, and they are easy to duplicate on many platforms, like personalized letterhead or even a signature stamp. When in doubt, use a professional.

Keep it clean

Simplicity is the key to contentment. In this case, it is also the key to avoiding client confusion and distaste. Keeping a personal brand simple increases the likelihood that it will be viewed favorably; simple designs are easier to read and comprehend. It may be tempting to include flowery language or symbols in a personal brand, but when all is said and done, it will just make the brand more confusing to viewers.

Keep it consistent

It may seem like a small change in font or a distorted picture would not matter much in the long run, but clear, clean brands that are kept consistent across all platforms – including physical ones – are the most successful. Any change, especially one that looks out of place, like a distorted image, will stand out to a contact and can sometimes cause that contact to move on to a different contractor or service. If a brand cannot be kept consistent, how will the work be kept consistent? Choose a brand and stick to it – changing things up will only cause misfortune in the long run.

A brand may be changed, of course, but it needs to be done suddenly and across all platforms at once. There should never be two versions of the same personal brand online at any time.

When these personal branding tips are followed, the brand will create a strong sense of professionalism for the user. A personal brand can be a reflection of its owner, but it should be professionally made with clean and sharp images, and above all, be kept consistent at all times to avoid confusion – personally or professionally.

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