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By Muthuri Nathaniel

Why you need a college degree after high school

Every school system in the world ends with post high school education. By the time young students reach elementary school, they have already decided what they would wish to be when they grow up, a profession only achieved through college education. The past few decades have had people change their minds toward college education. However, the value of college education is always and will always payoff.

Minimal cost

The cost of college tuition should not scare people away from college education. Over 80 percent of college students in the United States depend on financial aid. The government and non-profit organizations offer various student loans, scholarships, and grants. Any willing student can receive financial assistance to reduce the high cost of tuition fees.

In the end, students end up paying just the smaller fraction of the tuition quotes. With the scholarships, grants and student loans, students should enroll in colleges and complete their degrees with ease.

It is a creditable business investment

One question that comes to mind when considering college education is whether there will be a return on investment. Many high school graduates now fear that attending college is not a viable business idea. One great factor that differentiates college graduates from high school graduates is knowledge. Although a person may spend thousands while the high school graduate is earning and getting experience, the college student will always be knowledgeable. College education is, therefore, still viable and a good business investment idea.

Most of the jobs available require college degrees

Most jobs in the current job market require a degree. Educational skills are essential in business, non-profit organization and corporate employment. Machines have overtaken menial labor jobs and which may soon be completely nonexistent in decades to come. Although high school graduates may be very experienced, they will never meet the minimum requirement of a degree for most jobs.

College prepares students for the job market

Over the years, arguments that colleges do not prepare students for the job market have prevailed. People should not make the decision to skip college because they think colleges do not offer skills for the job market. In the end, the college degree holder has an advantage over a high School diploma holder. In college, people create mutual relationships that are eventually helpful in life. In business, networking is the key to success; thus, these relationships formed in college can help one get job and business opportunities.

Bottom line

The key to success remains education. Although people are concerned about the importance of college education, the experience prepares people to face life challenges. It does not matter when the knowledge gained in college is utilized; the important thing is that one possesses it. A person with a college degree will always be one step ahead in life, both personally and professionally. There is not downside to attending a college at any time.

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