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Why parents should not allow children under 10 to have an iPad or cell phone device

Cell phones and iPads are very expensive objects, and most children are coming to possess these items at a younger age than most people would not expect, these items were off-limits to children 20 years ago. It is a different story in the present day.

It can be argued that giving these devices to children under the age of 10 is harmless, but is it very harmful to the child and the parent. Parents of children between the ages of 2 to 5 have been known to give these devices to their child as a means of harmlessly negotiating with bratty behavior.

Mental maturity

Mental maturity has become one of the reasons why children below age 10 should never have an iPad or cell phone; they are likely to see it as a push button toy or an object of amusement. Parents should never be hasty about giving their device to their children; it is one of the worst mistakes a parent can make.

Trying to teach a child between the ages of 2 to 5 about the importance of the device is futile, because they will not see the importance of the items from a mentally mature point of view as an adult or teenager would. Keeping it away from them until they are old to comprehend the importance is well-advised.

Issues of ownership

Many parents find that issues of ownership arise when the child has gotten used to always being given the device when they are whiny and discontented. It becomes clear to the child that they can claim ownership of the items whenever they see the parent with it.

Parents often find that they have to deal with issues of ownership when their child gets a hold of these devices. This is why children below age 10 should never have either device; it can turn their sweet little angels into demonic creatures of habit.

Lack of knowledge regarding its value

Children that are below ten years of age have no idea of the value of things like their toys or grandma's vase. This is also true when it comes to the value of things such as an iPad, and a cell phone.

It is easy for a child to take a cell phone or iPad and treat them like toys by slamming them on the ground or throwing them across the room when they get frustrated. Children who are at tantrum age should never be allowed to hold one of these devices.

Problems with concentration

Parents have expectations of their children, such as growing up, getting an education and learning everything they need to know to survive; a cell phone or an iPad hinders their ability to learn. Although an iPad has applications that the parent can download for their child, it does not mean they should.

A child's concentration in school is paramount, and problems with concentration can cause them to fall behind in school which no parent wants. it goes without saying that children under the age of 10 should not have an iPad or cell phone.

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